Android camera blocks Camera Guard PRO v4.1.1 [Paid] Paid Subscription Cracked Edition

Camera Guard ensures that no hackers or spies can observe you.。 只需一步即可完全保护您的智能手机的摄像头不受监视。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Camera Guard™3 Professional含税深度侦探

★★★★★Camera Guard™确保没有黑客或间谍可以观察到您
★★★★★Intelligent Deep Detective™甚至可以检测以前未知的攻击
★★★★★ new features:Deep Detective ™ Live:Anti-spyware scanner (subscription)

The application uses accessibility services。

ProtectStar™的Camera Guard™确保没有黑客或间谍可以观察到您只需单击一下即可完全保护您的智能手机的摄像头不受监视


There's a good reason.:Everything's under surveillance! Since whistleblower Snowden uncovered the first NSA documents in June 2013,We know that.。从那以后,More and more threat details are being discovered。

Just click,保护就会被激活Camera Guard™会阻止并观察所有尝试访问智能手机网络摄像头的程序和过程每次尝试的安全漏洞都会被举报一个信号

尽管所有访问和警告都在日志文件中方便地进行了协议约定但是智能Deep Deepive™甚至可以检测到以前未知的攻击

Deep Detective ™:针对(未知)威胁的明智发明
借助Deep Detective™我们创建了一个智能且通用的侦探它可以更智能地观察对Android™设备的所有访问(类似于防火墙)

Deep Detective™会永久控制当前尝试访问相机的进程或应用程序。In addition,,它报告了已知的-借助现代的启发式方法-还报告了未知的攻击尝试

Ideal combination
Camera Guard™可以与其他现有的安全解决方案(例如个人防火墙或任何其他安全应用)结合使用特别是与激活的Deep Detective™结合使用

In addition,,借助Micro Guard™(一种高安全性的麦克风保护应用程序)您还可以针对任何监视提供完整而强大的解决方案

+Password protection
+Pop-ups about security vulnerabilities
+Log file protocol
+ Deep Detective™Pro
+ Deep Detective ™ Live:Anti-spyware scanner (subscription)
+White list

+ 24/7通过电子邮件支持


Update the log:

+ Widget toggling bug fix
+ Technical improvements


Version description:

1、Premium subscription unlocked

2、Remove support, ratings, and more promotional apps from the menu



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