Android Charging Monitor Full Battery & Theft Alarm v5.5.1r376 [Pro] Paid Pro Cracked Edition

Full Battery. & Theft Alarm protects your phone's battery.。This app will notify you when your battery is fully charged.。You can also choose from battery charge and many custom items.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

If you use any task killer app.,Please add this application to ignore or whitelist.。Otherwise,The application will not function properly.。

Oneplus 7.0 or more users.:Please go to the auto-start feature in Android Settings and unchet battery optimization settings set to this app.。

Notice small honey users.:The default security settings are given by Xiaomi.,Please include starting the application automatically.,It also includes licensing the use of auto-start features.。

This app supports Android Wear smartwatches!

Anti-theft alarm!
Don't worry.,I'm leaving your phone charging unattended! Alarms are raised when your phone is unplugged or the battery is fully charged with batteries and anti-theft alarms.。useful.,Sit when the plug is not near.,Allows you to leave your phone.,knew it would be safe.。

Charger alarm!
Remind your audio and vibration when your phone is fully charged.。
great.,When you want to charge quickly.,Don't check your phone every minute.。
equally great.,If you don't like to leave your phone plugged in after charging it.。

– Secure passwords for anti-theft alarms.。
– Easy-to-use user interface.
– Charging time.。
– 100% of the time remaining
– Sound and vibration alarms when the charger is pulled out.。 (Anti-theft alarm)
– Select a custom alarm.。You can also choose silence.。
– Alarm volume control.。
– Information about the state of the application.
– The option is enabled automatically.。
– Notification bar options。
– Vibration options.。
– Battery percentage.
– Charging history.
– Full battery alarm.。
– When the alarm is full of battery alarms.,The cable can be unplugged to stop the alarm.。
– If you need a battery full alarm turn off the burglar alarm.。
– Full charge after extra time function.。
– Different burglar sound options.。
– It starts automatically after the restart.。
– Theme options.。
– "Don't stop the alarm.,until the Cable Unplugged option.。
– Auto-start option.。
– Free


Update the log:

– Fixed batttery draining issue..

– Some optimizations and wells..
– Please contact to help me to translate for your languages..

Warning.: If you use any task killer or ram cleaner app., please add this app to exclude list..


Version description:

1、Paid feature unlocked

2、Turn off the update feature.


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