Database management Navicat Premium 32/64 Bit v15.0.14 Chinese Special Edition

Navicat Premium is a powerful database management and design tool,Support for Win、macOS and linux。Intuitive GUI lets users simply manage MySQL、MariaDB、Mongodb、SQL Server、Sqlite.、Oracle and PostgreSQL Databases。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Navicat Premium 15
Navicat Premium is a multi-connection database development tool,Lets you connect up to seven databases simultaneously in a single application:Mysql、MariaDB、Mongodb、SQL Server、Sqlite.、Oracle and PostgreSQL,Quick and easy access to all databases at once。

Seamless data migration
Data transmission、Data synchronization and fabric synchronization allow you to migrate data quickly and easily at low cost。Provide detailed guidance,Transfer data between various database management systems。Compare and synchronize the data and structure of the database。Comparison can be set up and deployed in seconds,and get a detailed script for the changes you want to run。

Smart Database Designer
Create with our Professional Object Designer、Modify and manage all database objects。Sophisticated database design and model creation tools transform databases into graphical representations,Make it easy to create models、Create and understand complex databases。

Advanced secure connections
Create secure connections with SSH channels and SSL,Ensure that every connection is secure、Stable and reliable。We support different ways to validate database servers,PAM verification such as MySQL and MariaDB,Kerberos and X.509 validation of MongoDB and GSSAPI validation for PostgreSQL。 Navicat provides more validation mechanisms and high-performance environments,So you don't have to worry about connecting with an unsecured network anymore.。

Diversified tools
The import wizard transfers data in different formats to the database,Or set up a data source connection and use ODBC transport。Table、Data for views or query results can be exported to Excel、Access、CSV and other formats。Using a tree view、JSON View、Grid views of datasheet styles and a range of data editing tools added、Modify and delete records,Easy to edit data。Navicat gives you the tools you need to manage your data effectively,and make sure it goes smoothly.。

Simple query editing
Visual query creation tools help you create、Edit and run queries,Don't worry about grammar and correct command usage。Enter the same code with keyword suggestions and reduce repetition,Auto-complete dingors and custom snippets make coding faster。Our debug components can quickly find and correct errors in PL/SQL and PL/PGSQL encoding,You can set breakpoints,Step-by-step running of the program,View and modify variable values,and check the call stack。

Data visualization tools
Charting lets you create large datasets as visual representations,and help you gain deeper insights from your data。Explore and explore patterns between data、Trends and relationships,and create spotting of your findings to create effective visual output,Show on dashboard for sharing。

Increase productivity
Powerful local backup or restore solution and for MongoDump、The intuitive interface of the Oracle Data Pump or SQL Server Backup Utility guides you through the backup process,and reduce the chance of errors。Insequence for repeatable deployments such as database backups、MapReduce work and script run) is set to run automatically at a specific time or date。No matter where you are,you can get things done at any time.。

It's easier to collaborate together
Set your connection、Model、Query and virtual groups sync to our Navicat Cloud service,so you can access them in real time.,And share it with colleagues anytime, anywhere。With Navicat Cloud,You can make good use of every minute per second.,To maximize your productivity。 Find out more >

Smart Mode Analyzer
Explore your MongoDB mode with built-in visualization tools。Analyze documents and show rich structures in collections,so that you know the pattern of the data,Detecting pattern anomalies and checking outliers。

Cross-platform licenses
Now you can use cross-platform licenses in Navicat。Whether in Windows、macOS or running on Linux,You can buy once and select the platform to activate,You can then transfer your license to another platform to use。


Update the log:

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Version description:

1、Complete full exit of program installation,Then open the door key and click on the patch

2、Then click on GEenerate.,Build a registration code.

3、Open Navicat Premium 12,Click on the help of the menu bar,Choose to register,Fill in the registration code generated in the previous step at the registration window key,Then click Activate,Click Manual Activation;A request code appears

4、Copy the contents of the Navicat manual activation window's request code box into the Request Code,Click on the bottom GEenerate button to get the activation code:

5、Copy the activation code content generated in the registrar activation code box to the activation code box of the Navicat manual activation window,Then click the activation button。


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