Android Sync Download Tool DownCloud v2.15 Paid Direct

o wnCloud Android app allows your Android device to connect to a private ownCloud server running in your data center。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Welcome to the DownCloud Android app – Add a downCloud server,And have your private file sync and share the cloud and run at any time。

Do you need private file sync and sharing software? That's good news.,Because the o wnCloud Android app allows your Android device to connect to a private ownCloud server running in your data center。 TownCloud is an open source file synchronization and operating free townCloud server,Large enterprises and service providers under the townCloud enterprise subscription operation individual share software。 DownCloud provides a security,Reliable and compatible file synchronization and sharing solutions – Before you control the server。

With the downCloud Android app,You can browse all the downCloud sync files,Create and edit new files,Share these files and folders with colleagues,and keep the contents in these folders synced on all devices。Simply copy the files to a directory server,and there's no rest for the cloud。

Whether it's using a mobile device,Desktop computers,Or web clients,DownCloud provides the right hand to put the right file at the right time on any device in a simple and easy to use,Safety,The ability to privacy and control solutions。After all,OwnCloud,This is your cloud.,Your data.,Your way.。


Update the log:

Login rearchitecture
Support for OpenID Connect
Native biometrical lock
Support for usernames with '’
Chunking adaption to oCIS
End of support for Android KitKat
End of support for servers older than 10 version
– UI changes, including:
+ New Bottom navigation bar
– Fixes and the s:
+ Fix when changing orientation in some sydd s
+ Fix OAuth 2 token is not reif erbyn
+ Fix ocasional crash open when share by link


Version description:

Direct installation for use


Download the address:


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