Android Calorie Counting YAZIO v6.8.23 [Pro]Paid Premium Crack

YAZIO Calorie Counter App,Lets you manage your daily meal history,Track record activity,Successful weight loss and weight loss! Counting calories and losing weight has never been easier! Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

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With this free YAZIO calorie counter app,You can manage your daily meal history,Track record activity,Successful weight loss and weight loss! Counting calories and losing weight has never been easier!

YAZIO is the best diet and weight loss app for Android
- Use the calorie calculator to see the calories you burn
- Use a weight tracker to record your weight regularly
- Copy entries expressly add records
- Use the built-in barcode scanner to quickly search for food
- Huge calorie table with nutritional information for all foods
- Track and track your calories、Carbohydrates、Protein and fat
- Create meals and recipes,Add your favorite content or enter foods that aren't listed
Nutrition trackers provide comprehensive dietary loginformation for brunch, etc.
- Record your movements、Slimming and general activities
- Setting personal goals (weight loss)、Weight gain、Keep weight)
- Assess your diet and results with clear pictures
- Sync health apps and other fitness apps

Benefits of YAZIO PRO Pro
- Analyze your data for the previous 30 days or more
- Plan meals and exercise tomorrow or later
- PRO is a useful extension of the free version of the app
- Use PRO,Our users can achieve their goals at double the speed
- Track and track your body fat、Blood pressure and blood sugar
- No more ads! (Everyone thinks it's a great point!) )
- Learn about the most carbohydrates、Protein and fat foods
- Record more key nutritional intake information (e.g. sugar、fiber and salt)
- Measuring your bust、Waist、Hips and thigh circumference
- Carbohydrates、High protein、Low fat and traditional diets
- including meals、More analysis of activity and body data
- You can view your previous chart in the past 12 Progress of the month
- You can continue to support us,Relentless improvement YAZIO

You can get PRO through in-app purchases。Compared to a competitor's weight-loss diet calorie calculator,YAZIO PRO is very cheap。

If you choose to use PRO,Paymentwill will be made via google account at the time of purchase confirmation。Before the subscription expires,Subscriptions are automatically updated,Keep the same price and order type,Unless you cancel your booking at least 24 hours before the end of your subscription。You can manage your order information through your Google account after purchase。Within the current period,No refund or cancellation can be made for the subscription。

The data you keep is very secure

YAZIO Calorie Counter run by YAZIO LLC,This is a Company in Germany.。Given that this application was developed in Germany,We strictly comply with the German Data Protection Act。All information received or sent through the app will be encrypted。All data is stored anonymously on servers in Germany,instead of being stored by a third party。


Update the log:

At a time like this,,It's more important than ever to stay healthy and boost your body's immunity。We want to help! You can find some new meal plans in this application,Helps you boost your body's immunity。Our newly designed analytics will also help you focus on the precious vitamins your body needs、Minerals and Nutrients,Keep fit and strong。

The Yajo family wishes you and your family a safe and healthy spring!


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Professional features unlocked

Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

Analytics/Crashlytics disabled


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