Android Music Tag Editor Music Tag Editor v3.0. [Pro] Paid Premium Pro.

Music Tag Editor has a professional music editing feature.,Album cover collector.,All the features of the Music Marker and mp3 editor.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Edit the music to replace the wrong Albumart.,And use the music label editor- Mp3 Editior to edit incorrect audio labels.|Free Music Editor! This is a brand new application.,This includes the music editor.,Album cover collector.,All the features of the Music Marker and mp3 editor.。This powerful song editor gives you the opportunity to edit mp3 music tags.,Find the best HD album covers automatically or set them up manually.,Find the correct id3 tag.。

Users can control the work of the music editor by pressing the song edit ing tag.,Or play multiple songs (or even all music databases) in automatic mode at the same time。

Feel free to manually edit mp3 music.,Or use automatic song editor mode with a large amount of music information and HD album art database.。With fast.,Simple app covers music.,Allows you to find lovely music art throughout the music library.。Right now,You can easily fix audio tags using the best mp3 tag editor on the Google Play Store.。Right now,The music editor's process can't be easier.,Because you can now automatically mark all your music using our unique id3 editor method.。

Simple album art collection card with best artwork.
Powerful music label editor.,Interface friendly
Support for manual and automatic mp3 editor modes.
A huge art database of cover art compatible with album cover collection cards.
The most powerful.,The largest database of music information.
Fastest metadata search engine and album cover music downloader.
Support mp3.,mp4,ogg,flac and wma music formats.
Metadata ID3 v1 with mp3 music file.,ID3 v1.1.,ID3 v2.2.,v2.3 and v2.4 compatibility.
Reliable mp3 editing engine.
Automatic HD album collector.

New album cover and track information will be written directly to the music file through our mp3 tag editor.,and cached by Android OS (after changing the music tag or album cover each time).,Built-in media scanner will start)。So,You don't now have to search for other apps to tag mp3.。Just use our id3 music editor.,you can put the best music cover in the title of your music file.。After the user marks the music and saves the changes.,You can copy edited files anywhere, such as a PC.,The correct id3 tag and beautiful HD cover will be displayed correctly here.。

To improve the accuracy of the Music Label Editor.,Make sure you enter the correct artist and track titles before you start the automatic album cover music downloader.。

Click the cover image to manually select the HD album cover from the gallery.,Or remove the album cover from the audio label.。


Update the log:

– Dark theme.
– new tags search engine.
– new tag editor engine.
– New UI.
– added new batch mode.
– Added manual editing and file renaming features.


Version description:

Pro feature signed unlocked。


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