Android Picture Dynamics Movepic v2.6.3 VIP Premium Special Edition

Movepic uses new black technology,You can move any object in the picture。More cool dynamic fault effects、Animated stickers.、Beautiful filters and a variety of professional drawing tools。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Use the new black technology,Movepic allows any object in the picture to move。
More cool dynamic fault effects、Animated stickers.、Beautiful filters and a variety of professional drawing tools。

– Move your finger to draw a path,The picture moves along the path
– You can adjust the speed of movement
Bring everything in a still photo to life,You can let the flames fly,The waves rolled over,The little river flows、The smoke fluttered。Use these fantasy effects,You can also be the best film editor。
-Cool particle dispersion
-Directions and speeds can be customized
Add fragmentation effects to your photos,Break static,Turn your photo seconds into a sci-fi blockbuster。
– Feel free to crop、Rotating the picture
– Professional-grade tools,Adjusting the brightness、Contrast、Chroma、Saturation、The degree of sharpening。
If you're a Tutuda,We provide you with professional tools,Customize your own special effects
– Add beautiful filters,Make your pictures a super dream movie
– Add film retro effects,Your work is the most trendy one
High-quality filters for multiple topics,A variety of scenarios apply,Like black and white、Travel、Life、diet、summer、Winter and so on。
Text Animation
– Add beautiful dynamic art text。
– Animate with cool text,Turn pictures into dynamic text posters。
– The text font:A variety of art fonts。
– The text effect:Shadow,Inner shadow,Stroke,Background,Reflection.,relief,mask,3D text,Image texture……Add text to your photos!
Double Exposure
New dual exposure,Add our preset dual exposure pictures for your flowing pictures,Achieves the dual effect of flow。

Special Effects
– Use cool fault effects
– Use dynamic stickers,Add magic effects
-Added magic dynamic stickers,Realize your martial arts magic dream,More movie-level magic effects are about to be updated。
Combine dynamic effects with animation,Let go of your imagination,Create the most textured dynamic images。

Movepic is easy to use,We provide detailed tutorials on how to use them,Help you get started as quickly as possible。

Share your masterpieces to major social platforms,Like shaking、Beautiful shot、Circle of Friends、Racer、microscopy and so on


Update the log:

-Detail optimization,Improve processing performance,Fix the crash。


Version description:

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