Android Is A Special Edition Of Pro v3.42.0

The personal pro app games can be separated (the app is open more.)、WeChat is separated、small split),Compatible with Android 11 and the latest version of 64-bit WeChat。Social chat is easy、Multi-open separation of applications such as games,It's faster to separate、Stability、Safety。Love Green Soft

Android Is A Special Edition Of Pro v3.42.0

Description of the app:

Split Art Pro supports free double open,Two accounts on one mobile phone are online at the same time,Work life is not wrong。Also supports "drop travel" "full" "truck gang" "BOSS direct hire" split start-up and account login。
Purchase VIP members can also use the Red Pack Assistant、Space-time Crossing、Brand Experience、"Separate disguise"、Privileged features such as Infinite Multi-Open。

Double Open Assistant: One mobile phone and two accounts are online at the same time,Support for socializing、E-commerce、Game、Android apps such as Entertainment are open。
Red Envelope Assistant QQ、WeChat robs red envelope fast people one step at a time。
"Real-time voice change" one-click change sound "handsome girl"。
Separate Lock: Set the password lock,Keep your separation safe。
Brand Experience: Size brands change,Trend retro casual selection。
Time and Space Crossing: Net-a-Porter hits the card,Go wherever you want。
Unlimited open: Unlimited open mainstream software,Run separately,Accounts do not interfere with each other。
Split Disguise: Customize the parting name and icon,Protect your privacy。

Backup recovery:Supports separate application data backup recovery。
Clean-up acceleration:Clean up the memory occupied by the app with one click,Quickly free up storage space。
Storage management:The app is partly memory-free,Take up storage at a glance。
Dark mode:Fits the dark mode of the mobile phone system,A better experience in a dark light environment。
Notification management:Set up Do Not Disturb,Make the notification bar cleaner,There is no confusion about the application。

Warm Tips
1.Uninstall the separation with the addition of a split,Separate-related applications will not work properly;


Update the log:

1、Brand Experience Depth Simulation adds parameter import and export functionality;
2、Solve the problem of "help more" "explore drifting bottle" opening failure;
3、Resolve other known bugs。


Version description:

Crack the VIP,Any account login is a permanent VIP


Download the address: (Access password.):666888)



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