Android God! Write Wheel Eye v1.6.0.0 Pro Special Edition

My Android Tool,Commonly known as "Writing Wheel Eyes",It's also an app upgrade called Disabled Services.。This Android artifact greatly optimizes your phone,Even get your phone close、iOS devices that reach or even surpass the same period。Writing wheel eyes can now disable both services and self-initiating。It works by modifying system settings from the root cause,Even if you get it right, uninstall it,It's still valid,until you brush the firmware or clear the data,Root permission is required, of course。Writing wheel-eye pro is mainly compared to the free version:Enjoy no ads,You can edit the database。

安卓神器!写轮眼 v1.3.1 专业版特别版

安卓神器!写轮眼 v1.3.1 专业版特别版

Description of the app:

The four basic components of Android are:

Activity activity、Service services、Content Provider content provider、Broadcast Receiver broadcast receiver

Activity Activity is a window for user and application interaction,An activity is equivalent to one of our actual web pages,When a screen is turned on,The previous screen is placed on hold,and pressed into the history stack,The user can return to a previously opened screen through a fallback operation。The life cycle of activity:That is, "produced."、Run、Destroyed",But there are many methods that are called onCreate (created) 、onStart (activated) 、onResume (Recovery) 、onPause (pause) 、onStop (Stop) 、onDestroy (destroyed) 、onRestart (reboot)。

Service Services: It's about the same level asActivity,But you can't run it yourself,There is no user interface。It can perform long-running operations in the background。For example, when playing multimedia,When the user navigates to a different screen,The music is still playing in the background。

The BroadcastReceiver Broadcast Receiver app can use it for external events(As when the phone is called in,or when a data network is available)Receive and respond。The broadcast receiver does not have a user interface。However,They can start an activity or serice in response to the information they receive。

Content Provider Content Provider enables data sharing,Used to save and get data,and make it visible to all applications。This is the only way to share data between different applications。Content Provider is only required if you need to share data across multiple applications。which,Services are prerequisites for programs to be active in the background。Disabling the service allows the software to run with less memory,Wake less cpu in the background。

My Android Tools author reminder:

MyAndroidTools doesn't need to be blocked in the background (but don't use other software to stop it) disabling is always valid,Unless you uninstall the software for the banned components。Even if the write wheel eye is unloaded,The disable is still valid。Except for programs that resurrect components。After the software update,Rogue components may be added,You need to continue disabling as the case may be。Individual software re-enables its own components,An Xmosed enhancement module is required:MyAndroidToolsXposed to prevent resurrection!

My Android Tools Pro feature (supports Android 5.0)
1.Enable/disable components (active,Service,The receiver,Provider)
★ red:Disable ★ blue:Currently running (service only)
2.Displays all running processes and tasks
3.The log is displayed
4.Displays sharing preferences and databases for all applications

★ event:Each activity represents a separate user interface
★ services:Each service represents a component running in the background to perform long-running operations or work on remote processes
★ provider:Each provider manages a shared set of app data。Through the provider,Other apps can query or even change data
★ receiver:Each receiver is a component that responds to system-wide broadcasting
★ database:Store the original data as a key value pair

Warm tips:Google Play Market Paid edition of My Android Tools,Built Chinese and no ads!

Update the log:

+ bug fixes:
-Display error message when disable a non-existent component
2018-02-07 v1.5.9
+ bug fixes:
1.display a wrong current activity name on Android 8
2. unable to uninstall system apps on some devices
2017-12-18 v1.5.8
bug fixes: the name of the component disappeared


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Baidu: Extract code: sdpt

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