Uninstall tool Total Uninstall Pro6.27.0.565 Chinese Simplified Special Green Edition

Total Uninstall is a powerful offload tool。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the uninstall tool Total Uninstall Pro Chinese Simplified special green version has been updated tov6.27.0.565

Total Uninstall - the most powerful installation and uninstall tool! Professional software uninstall sharp! Most popular uninstall program! The most powerful software monitoring and uninstall ingest tool,Ability to monitor all software installation processes,Record any changes made to the system,Like what:Added files、Modifications to the registry and system files,and take pre- and post-installation snapshots。Total Uninstall when it uninstalls software,No need to use software to uninstall programs,It allows you to completely clear yourself from the system,Leave no trace.,Thus ensure the clean system! Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Total Uninstall can easily remove any program
Accurate analysis of installed programs
Use Total Uninstall's Installed Program module to analyze the installed program and create an installation log。This can be used to perform a thorough program uninstall,Even without the help of your own uninstall program。

Monitor the installation of new programs
使用 Total Uninstall 的“已监视程序” 模块可以帮助您监视新安装程序对您系统所做的更改便于您在没有自身卸载程序帮助的情况下彻底删除程序留下的文件


Autorun Manager handles start-up.
管理 Windows 启动过程控制随系统自启动的程序服务和计划任务。 By disabling unwanted self-starters,Make the operating system run faster。

Transfer program to new PC
This feature is as important as stand-alone programs。


Update the log:

Better follow up of the launched built-in uninstaller(s) in uninstall process.
Detected changes tree view: More from the registry binary data are displayed as text on the theo the oedd.
Uninstall log eis ar no longer truncated.
Added support for dedicated analysis of ClickOnce applications.
Russian, Hindi interface translation updated.


Version description:(roustar31)

Don't bounce,No need to disconnect the network,No registration code required,No cleaning required

After decompression runs the greening program,Can automatically set the software for Chinese Simplified,Optional cleanup of data files and right-click menus
Full support for 32-bit and 64-bit systems,The compressed package contains 32 and 64 double folders,Choose from the platform,64Bit system must choose the X64 version!
Attention:There is no latest version of x86!


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