Shadow Defender v1.4.0.648 Chinese Simplified Special Edition

Shadow Defender 、Shadow Defender、Shadow System is a small but powerful system restore、Protectors,Multi-partition support,Support dumps,Support exclusions,It works like a lightweight system protection tool for sanddisk software。It differs in its support for exclusion and dump functionality,You can place files or folders in shadow mode into an exclusion list,All changes will be saved to the original partition。It takes up very little system resources。Post-process protection is still in effect,Especially in dumpand and exclusion!

影子卫士 v1.4.0.648 简体中文特别版本

Shadow Defender software features.:
1、Prevent all viruses and malware from attacking your computer.。
2、Have peace of mind to surf the Internet.,Eliminate unnecessary traces.。
3、Protect your privacy。
4、Eliminate system downtime and maintenance costs.。
5、After a restart, the computer system can be restored to its original state.。

About Special Edition:

By Black Hawk.
– Integrated registration code.,Add Chinese language pack.;
– Updates are not detected by default,Based on the original packaging production.;

by roustar31.
1:Based on the official original,Add simplified language packs (fix translation error omissions, etc.)
2:Install manually.,Automatic intervention at the last step does not restart.,The registration code is automatically imported.,Ensure success rates.
3:Automatic activation after restart.,Automatic Chinese Simplified.

Shadow Guardian v1.4.0.648 Chinese Simplified special edition download address.: Access code ft1w. Access code 2538

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