360Cloud Disk - Secure Free Unlimited Space.。360Net disk is the domestic popular large-scale free net disk.,Provides unlimited disk storage space.。360Cloud disk PC clients do not take up on-premises space.,Good network USB stick.。360The network disk provides large storage capacity.、Portable、Stable cross-platform file storage.、Backup、Deliver and share services.;No USB stick required.,Keep your data at your hands, anytime, anywhere.,Never lose。

360云盘PC版 v6.5.6.1286 绿色优化版

New version changes

2016.08.03 v6.56.1286.
– Fix some bugs

2016.07.24 v6.56.1285.
– Optimize upload and download capabilities.
– Fix some bugs

2016.07.18 v6.56.1284.
– Optimize automatic backup capabilities.,Increased stability
– Fix some suspected crashes.,Improve transmission stability.
– Fix some bugs

Optimised version details.

By Xiaojun.、Kanx.
* Show ads when you go to video buffering or pause.、Do not automatically create a virtual disk register.
* To start a new teacher for the first time.、Share an album.、New tip.
* Go to the full feature prompt.,Go to the feedback button.、Go to redundant useless files.,No new to boot files.
* Go set to display the 360 Cloud Drive option on my PC.
* Do not update the Android cloud disk.,And go and set the Smart Install Mobile Cloud Drive option.
* Go to the cloud disk mobile version of Tab.,And go to set the main function area to display the mobile phone cloud disk option.
* Hard change settings do not check to show 360 cloud drives on my COMPUTER by default.
* Hard change settings do not check by default after inserting a mobile device.,Prompt to back up your photos.
* Go to the menu online upgrade.、Help online、Question feedback.、The new version of the feature.
* To function the large full network speed measuring device.、Lock the cloud disk.;Lock the cloud disk in the menu.
* File time machine in file right-click menu historical version.

360Cloud Disk v6.5.6.1286 Green Optimised Edition . . . 360 Net Disk Sync Disk.

http://www.http://yunpan.cn/cHsAJYCCS5d4z# ff71.

http://www.http://yunpan.cn/cVzEzHR2UQsVS. Access code a03a.

https://pan.baidu.com/s/1mitWviS Access code lps0.

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