Foxit Reader, Afu Pdf Reader, v9.7.0.29455 Chinese Full Enhancement Special Edition

Foxit Reader is a PDF reader on the Windows platform,Now Love Green Soft for everyone to bring the Fufu PDF reader Foxit Reader Chinese full enhancement special version has been updated tov9.7.0.29455

Fukui PDF Reader,It is based on the industry's most optimized Foxit extreme safety PDF engine,Provide professional-grade PDF document processing、PDF Smart Form App,Unique controllable document distribution security technology,With China's fully autonomous property rights、Comparable to Adobe Acrobat,Become one of the most popular PDF professional products in the world,Listed as the central government、Central authorities、Central enterprise procurement catalogue。

福昕风腾PDF v8.0.5 企业版及破解补丁

Application instructions:

Foo's PDF Suite Is Similar to Adobe Acrobat,Is a tool for working with PDF documents,PDF Creation、Modify、Conversion and security。

Fu's PDF editor can edit PDF documents directly、Modify,Without having to convert PDF documents into format files such as Word in advance;

Its text editing tool automatically recognizes text boxes and allows users to edit paragraphs in text boxes。

The Enterprise Edition of the Furong PDF Electronic Document Processing Suite extends and expands on the functionality of the standard version,Provide the initiation of a shared review、Advanced Editor、Security and file compression,A complete PDF solution that is a must for the enterprise。

Standard version fully functional,Includes creating、Read、Edit、Comments、Safety、Features such as document signatures and forms。

PDF Reader - Supports Quick Viewing and Printing PDF Files/PDF Packages,Less system resources are consumed。

Flexible setting of PDF reading - supports three document display modes:Reading mode、Reverse reading mode and text viewing mode;Support for multiple page display modes:Full-screen display、Single-page display、Continuous page display、Split Display、Double-link page display、Double-linked pages continuousdisplay、Show the cover page separately when the double page display mode、Auto Scroll Ing;Support for page transition effect settings。
View multiple PDF files - support for multi-label document browsing mode,Easy to switch between different PDF documents。
Multiple document viewing modes - support for landscape and portrait layouts;Supports zooming through zoom options or marquee、放大镜和仿真放大镜等工具缩放PDF文档。



Update the log:

  1. Version
  2. Release Date: July 4, 2019
  3. New Features and Enhancements in Foxit Reader
  4. PDF index searching
  5. Search PDF index using Advanced Search, which can greatly speed up searches in PDF files.
  6. More seamless integration with ECM
  7. Add an option that allows you to create PDFs from files in SharePoint, Google Drive, and OneDrive.
  8. Enhanced integration with Alfresco helps users better manage and share PDF documents.
  9. Enable you to add Numbered lists to paragraphs when using Typewriter/Callout/Textbox features.
  10. Enhancements in digital signatures
  11. Support Long Term Validation (LTV) for digital signatures in PDF, which is useful to ensure the document can be validated at any time in the future.
  12. Allow you to create a digital signature in compliance with PAdES standard.
  13. Place digital signatures on multiple files.
  14. Offer improvements in setting a scale ratio and calibrating the measurements in the document.
  15. Get annotation properties through JS.
  16. Add an option to scan a paper document to multiple PDF files directly.
  17. Provide a new-style user interface during the installation of the EXE package.
  18. Some other user-friendly enhancements.


Version description:(@roustar31)

可选安装PDF工具:Used to edit PDF files
Optional East Asian language support package plus browser enhancements
Optional encrypted decryption extension and Epub view extension
Optional as default PDF software,Uninstall auto-disassociate
Replace the streamlined printer generator component with a PDF-XChange printer
Update East Asian language files to the latest version


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