Resource Viewer Resource Hacker v5.1.7.343 Green Hanhua Version

Resource Hacker is a very powerful resource viewer,Compilation and decompiling tools! Now love green soft for everyone to bring the resource viewer Resource Hacker green Hanhua version has been updated tov5.1.7.343

ResourceHacker Native Free No Ads,Resource editor primarily used for executable programs,View、Compile、Decompiling, etc.。This compact resource compiler and anti-compiler、Resource replacement modification tool is simple and practical,You can open any type of Windows executable (*.Exe、*.Dll、*.Scr、*.mui, etc.),You can add、Modify、Or delete resources within these files,Resource script files can be created and compiled (*.rc),You can also edit resource files (*.Res)。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

1、View Windows 32 Bit and 64 Bit executable(*.Exe、*.Dll、*.Cpl、*.Ocx、*.msstyles, etc.)and Windows resource files(*.Res)Resources,In both compiled and decompiled formats。

2、Extraction(Save) The resource is a file (*.Res) Format,Available as binary,or as a decompiled resource script or image。
Icon、Bitmap、Pointer、Menu、Dialogue、String Table、Message table、Shortcuts、Borland forms and version information resources can be fully decompiled into their respective formats,Either as an image or as a .rc text file。

3、Modify(Replace) Resources for executablefiles。
Image resources(Icon、Pointers and bitmaps)Can be the corresponding image file(*.ico, *.cur, *.Bmp)、*.res file、Even another .exe file replaced。

Dialogue、Menu、String Table、Shortcut and message table resource scripts(and Borland forms)You can edit and recompile by using the internal resource script editor。A resource can also be replaced by a .res file,As long as the replaced resource is of the same type and has the same name。

4、Add new resources to executables。Allow a program to support multiple languages,Or or a custom icon or bitmap(Company's logo, etc.)Add to a conversation in a program。

5、Delete a resource。Most compilers add resources that the application will never use into the application。Removing these unused resources can reduce the size of your application。


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