ADSafe Net Master v5.0.729 Green Optimised

ADsafe Net Master,Advertising、The bullet window netted,Get online、Watch the film quiet and worry-free! ADSafe Net Master.,At present, the domestic strong to advertising software.,Not only can you remove web ads.,More importantly, video ads can be filtered.,For example, LeEan.、Potatoes、Pps、Aichi Art Goes Advertising,Net-net master is definitely your peace of mind to surf the Internet necessary god! ADSafe NetMaster (formerly Advertising Butler) is the largest advertising power filtering software in China.,Large blocks of color.、Flattened.、Card-style operation.,Provide a better interactive experience.。ADsafe net master can filter bad information.、There is no harassment when visiting the website.、Watch the video without waiting.,You can also protect your online privacy.,Prevent the disclosure of user information.,Detailed custom ad filtering settings are also available.。

ADSafe净网大师 v5.0.729 绿色优化版 ADSafe净网大师 v5.0.729 绿色优化版

New version changes

2016.08.01 v5.0.729.1800.
* Fixes an issue in which some system upgrade win10s fail to open web pages (after installation).,Computer repair needs to be restarted)
* Fixes an issue with some win10s that have not been able to start the adsafe main program.
* Fixes a partial program crash.
* Fixes an issue that partially opens the browser flashback.
* Boost filtering.,Increased stability.

About Green Optimization.:

By Xiaojun (focus on modification)

- Special skin pack verification.、Special form crawl restrictions.
- Remove Android push and code.、- Do not click on the version number to play the window and remove the gesture.
- Hard change to the lower right corner to close the browser reminder window.(Please exit your internet or other browser before greening.)
- Go to the main interface" main panel.、Notice、Application、Share、Click on the update.、Report ads" button.
- To set up the "I want to participate in the ADSafe3 user experience program."、Keep the latest version option.
- Go to the menu "Thank You List" option.、The home directory is prohibited from downloading update files and directories.

ADSafe Net Master v5.0.729.1800 Latest Green Optimization Edition.

ADSafe Net Master v3.5.5.1119 Official Green Pure Edition. Access code dm06. Access code 3a36.

Note:If you can't filter ads after you use them.,It is recommended to restart the computer to try!
If you can't start itself.,Set -Start ADsafe on power-up.,Tick off the tick!

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