Screen Gif v2019.1 Chinese Simplified Hanhua Special Edition

Screen Gif is a free, small and practical Gif animation recording tool from abroad worth 39 euros! Screen Gif allows you to record any area of the screen and the operation as an animated image in GIF format,The save process also allows you to edit and optimize GIF animations。The Screen Gif interface is very simple,It's very functional,Has a recording camera、Recording the screen、Editor、Record features such as artboards,The editor is very powerful,Custom Gif loop times are supported。


ScreenToGif v2.1 简体中文单文件版本

Description of the app:

Screen Gif is a GIF dynamic picture recording software,It can directly help our screen screen down the screen output into Gif animation,And it's pretty easy to do。There is a box for viewing when recording,We can move the position of the box at will,As long as it's in the box, it's going to be recorded,Press the key specified on the keyboard at any time to record video at any time、Time out、Stop it。When the video is finished,You can also examine the recorded footage step by step,If there are any pictures you don't want,It can also be individually deleted,It's pretty simple and convenient。

If you're looking for an easy way to capture a portion of the screen into an animated GIF image,Then you're in the right place! Screen GIFs allow us to grab and save selected screen areas directly and easily,It's like preparing to use or share the animated GIF image file you want。Click,Click,TA-DA!

Super easy

Press the Start button to start recording the selected screen area。Grab what you need,Then press the Stop button。That's it! GiF images are ready for editing,Save,Use and share!


Screen GIFs optimize the size of generated GIF files by default,and allow us to crawl in grayscaness,You can also zoom/reduce the size of the capture,in order to get the smallest possible GIF file。



Update the log:

Not yet


Instructions for use:

1、First unziw the installation of the original program screengif .exe;
2、Run this patch,Select the original program installation directory;
3、Patches are only Hanhua originals,Registration matters are self-resolved;
4、Click "Options" → "Interface" → "Language" → "Chinese Simplified"。


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Baidu: Extract code: r6yg。

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