Android Green Guardian Greenify v4.7.1 build 47100 Paid Unlock

Green Guardian Greenify is a comprehensive app on the Android platform.。The green guardian Greenify paid unlock version has been updated. v4.7.1 build. 47100

Green Guardian helps you identify applications that have a negative impact on the system's global performance and power consumption,And through the unique "green" technology.,Stop them from draining your battery.,Use up your valuable memory.。

Description of the app:

Don't be jealous of your friend's iPhone anymore.,Even if a large number of apps are installed.,It also does not become sluggish and power-consuming.。With the "Green Guardian",Your Android device will also last forever when you have it on your first day!

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Green Guardian helps you identify applications that have a negative impact on your system's overall performance and power consumption.,And through the unique "green" technology.,Stop them from draining your battery.,Use up your valuable memory.。Applications treated with a "green" process.,When you don't actively start them.,Can't run "sneaky".,And you still have the full functionality and experience when you start them properly.,Just like the iPhone app!

Important notes:"Greening" is an application.,It means that you really want the app to hibernate when it doesn't start.,This means that all of its background features no longer work during hibernation.。These background functions (mechanisms) include, but are not limited to.:

* Background service.
* Gadget updates.。Gadgets can be displayed normally.,However, there will be no update changes during sleep.,Because updating the gadget requires the app to run as a backstation.。
* Timer。They run at a specific time or at a certain interval.。
* Broadcast receiver。They respond to global events that occur on the device.,For example, a change in the state of the network connection.、The power supply changes.、SMS monitoring, etc.。
* Push message.。The app's real-time message push will also be invalidated.,Because push messages under Android activate the app in the background.,Between and some other phone systems, messages are displayed only to the user.。(Note:An experimental feature in the donated version that allows GCM push to wake up green applications)

Do not 'green' the alarm clock.、Instant messaging、The app for the launcher class.,Unless you don't use them very often.,It also no longer relies on its background features, such as timed tasks.、message push, etc.)。Be sure to make sure that the "green" processed app doesn't lose any of the background mechanisms that you think are important.。

as a minimum requirement.,Green Guardian itself has to start a back-office Cleaner service.,to put the green app back to sleep after you've used it.。This back-office service is designed and implemented with 'ultra-lightweight' as its primary goal.,Its average memory consumption is only about 5M.,CPU and power consumption are near zero.,It is safe to ignore its existence.。

A description of the permissions.

Device management.:Limited by the mechanism design of the Android system.,This permission is the only necessary permission to lock the screen immediately after hibernation is achieved on non-ROOT devices.。When this permission is required.,Green Guardian will explicitly request your authorization.。
Draw content on top of other apps.:When you need to turn off the screen.,Make sure that the screen is dimmed during automatic sleep.。
Disable screen locks and accessibility services.:These permissions are required on non-ROOT devices to complete the necessary actions for automatic sleep.。
Get account and write sync settings.:Control your app's synchronization tasks when they are too frequent.。


Update the log:

The background services that are actively started by the system are no longer displayed as. “run in foreground mode.” and provide shutdown operations. (Open the system settings interface to close them.).


Version description:(@Balatan)

Paid Unlock:



1First remove any previous versions of Greenify and donation packages.!!!
2Install the latest version of Greenify apk.。
3Turn on Xposed Installer.,Select Greenify in the Module tab.,Open the Frame tab.,Then press install. / updates and reboots.。


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