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Metson is a picture processing software on the Android platform.。The beauty show is one of the best beauty gods.。Metu Show is a very good use of free picture processing software.,There is no need to learn to get used.,And the beauty show shows its unique picture effects.、Beauty.、Puzzle.、Scene.、Border、Jewelry and other functions.,Plus a selection of materials that are updated daily.,You can make a photo of the studio in 1 minute.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The beauty show.
The world's most popular image processing software!
Android Must-have! Big-name stars love the map selfie magic weapon!
New Beauty Show Community.,GET trend photo repair map beauty skills!

The meitu show animation incarnation draws my cartoon image.
Metu AI Black Technology
Metu show animation incarnation Q Meng online! AI artist for you to draw an ime idit avatar.
There are also a variety of five-way hairstyle stylisty clothing.,Enjoy DIY pinch face dressing for little fun!
Super Q animation mode.、Funny emoji bag.,Let your animation image move!
Come and experience the incarnation of anime.,Together, the whole world.(*The s.)!

Personality beauty map sun-drense your photo model.
Advanced Sense Filter
Advanced texture filters are updated in real time.,Easy handle in all styles.,Mobile phone to take pictures can also bring out a clear high-level sense!
Tidal Puzzles
Flexible collage.,Let the multi-graph sun shine type has FUN.,Photographer red people are in use.
"All-powerful map"
Tired of looking at the photo of the same.,I want to be different! Edit.、Border、Stickers、Mosaic…Super-multi-beautification function.,You can also add custom stickers with one click on the map.,Navigate every style you want.,Give you the fan!
Tips.:The artist sticker sit! One-click GET multi-style sticker album!(*The s.)

The beauty show. – Create my lifestyle.
Share your beauty map with the community! Share the beauty of your private possessions anytime, anywhere.、Interesting shop experience.、Magical photo-building skills.···It also records landmarks.,Add the latest and hottest trending topics and tags.,Treasure your fond memories!

The camera pets you with the lens.
Flash Night Shot
Professional-level camera noise reduction.,Pair with beauty light.,Is to shoot all night can stand the test! Night self-portrait also beautiful!
Dynamic Camera
Super Dream dynamic stickers.,Promote your germination properties.,Seconds become delicate fairy! There's tidal cool motion AR.,Handsome little brother and little sister love to use!(I'm steaming at the)
Filter Camera
A real-time filter for a movie sense.,A magnifying glass for a good life.,Match a natural dynamic beauty effect.,Where to get to get where.,Let the whole world do your photo background.。

The new beauty fairy's exclusive beauty magic.
"Slim face thin" finger push.,Want to thin where thin where! Perfect proportions launched!
"High plastic" one-click with a supermodel body.,Let you beautiful from head to toe.
A selfie magic trick with one button.,Yan value every day in the line.
Natural makeup: The exquisite makeup of the natural dress post.,Just get up and take a beautiful selfie!
Facial Remodeling: The magic of pinching face.,Where not satisfied with pinching where.,The fairy's face 360 degrees no dead end.

Start the beauty show.,Let your face rush to the clouds bar.(I'm steaming.)O.


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Version description:

Remove ads,Crack the VIP decoration.


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