Android Super Power SuperSU Pro v2.82-SR5 Pro

SuperSU Pro is a super-licensing tool on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring Android Super Licensed SuperSU Pro has been updated to v2.82-SR5

Super Licensing Management New Icon suofing SuperSU,New Material Design Design Style。Use it root Android 5.0、6.0、7.0Very simple,Keep the official kernel brushing into the appropriate Zip pack with third-party Recovery。If you've previously achieved Android root through CF-Auto root,Can be brushed back to the official kernel and re-use the new root。Of course,It's also possible not to brush back the official kernel.,However, it may affect future OTA upgrades。

SuperSU Pro v2.76 正式版中文特别版

Description of the app:

SuperSU must be no stranger to everyone.。is a software that manages ROOT licensing.。All software that requests ROOT permissions can be managed,Avoid ROOT authorization abuse。Chainfire's SuperSU brush bag can also be swiped under TWRP/CWM Recovery,The mobile phone implements ROOT。Original SuperSU's Chineseization in some parts of the country is not perfect enough,SuperSU provided in this article,Fix and complete some of the strange translations of the original,Directly is the Professional Edition.,No more activation in settings。

SuperSU is the best use of the authorization management application,None of them.。

This is the license file SuperSU。This is not a stand-alone application。You need SuperSU already installed。Restart after installation!

SuperSU Pro adds the following features to your SuperSU installation:

– OTA Survival Mode (Unsecured)
– Full color-coded command content recording (in/out/error)
– Logging configuration per application
– User coverage per application
– PIN protection

See SuperSU app description for further details SuperSU。

Note that SuperSU Pro is rarely updated – The updated code goes directly to the main SuperSU application。This is one you need to update。


How to use the SuperSU brush bag

Method 1:Recovery Brush in (recommended)
1、Download the brush bag,Copy to device's SD card;
2、Equipment into CWM/TWRP Recovery (original Recovery cannot be brushed);
3、Brush package that has just been copied to the SD card in Recovery;
4、Restart your device,Update complete。

Method two:Manual replacement
1、A manual replacement is premised on your device already having ROOT permissions,And the existing ROOT permission management tool is SuperSU.,If you're using other management tools,,It is recommended that you install or update the brush;
2、Install R.E. Manager (Root Explorer);
3、Download SuperSU's APK installation package,Copy to SD Kagan;
4、Open R.E. Manager,Copy the APK package of SuperSU in the SD card root directory to the /system/app directory (overwrite with files with the same name),Then modify the file's permissions to:Owner (Read/Write)、User group (read)、Other (read);
5、Restart your device when you're done,End of installation/update。

About some of the friend tips binary update solutions:
Copy the directory /system/bin/.ext/under .su file (generated by the supersu installation),and renamed su,Then replace the directory /system/xbin/undersu file,Delete the su file under the directory /system/bin/under。

Superuser.apk is just Root's authorized management app,Suitable for upgrading versions,Can't use this installation to root your device,Third-party Recovery must be used (referring to TWRP、CWM Recovery) gets Root permission by brushing into SuperSU brush bag。

Ps:If you hide SuperSU's startup icon,But occasionally you need to get into its interface.,You can type in the dialer *#*#1234#*#* Or the #7873778 of the "#SUPERSU" to enter,You don't need to add shortcuts from the launcher's list of activities。

Android 6.0+ Use needs to be aware of:

When your device is upgraded to Android 6.0+ Above,Due to SE policy,Either way, use SuperSU,The kernel must be modified to use,Do not change the kernel will not be able to enter the card screen (SuperSU official card brush package,In Android 6.0+ To use System-less mode and automatically modify the kernel)。There are a lot of uncertainties due to the change of core,Some unforeseen problems may occur after a kernel modification error (see the log output may be wrong,It is also possible that there is no error)。For example:Gravity induction failure (this issue was fixed in v2.78 SR5)、App launch sits out abnormally and error、No network signal,Double-card variable single card and other baseband fault (this issue is fixed in v2.78 SR5)、Unlimited reboot... Wait a minute,Due to Android Fragmentation,These faults may not exist on your device at all,Only if you've tried it yourself.。


Update the log:

Bug fix on v2.81 ei lyandandr edd disabled




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