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Smart Tools Box It's a toolbox collection on android platforms.,Smart Tools that love green soft now brings to everyone Box Go to the ad pro version has been updated to17.6

Smart Tools is a handy toolbox application,40 smart DIY and metering tools,Such as bubble level、Ruler、Compass、Rangefinder、Unit converter、DB Meters、Protractor、Stopwatch、Nfc、Barcodes and QR readers……

Description of the app:

Use the device's built-in sensors in a toolbox application,It's as convenient as a Swiss Army knife.。
DIY tools:
Ruler:Measure size and angle。Ruler size sizing;
Bubble level:Check horizontal and vertical surface levels。Bubble levels can be calibrated;
Light:Used as a manual flashlight light,Strobe or acoustic drive lights;
Protractor:Measure the slope and angle of any object using virtual weight。The gauge can be calibrated;
Magnifying glass。

Metering tools:
DB meter:Measuring the sound DB level and its spectrum。DB meters can be calibrated;
Location (map):Using GPS coordinates,Address and altitude show your location on the map;
Rangefinder:Measure the distance and height of different objects using the device's sensors and intelligent algorithms。Distance meters can be calibrated;
Speed gun:Measure the speed of moving objects using the device's sensors and intelligent algorithms;
Stopwatch:Switch between a normal stopwatch and a countdown stopwatch;
Thermometer:Measure the current temperature,Humidity and air pressure。A thermometer sensor is required;
Magnetic field meter:By measuring the magnetic field around a nearby object,You can also use it as a metal detector;
Vibratometer:Seismometer data based on The Richter magnitude。The algorithm is auto-calibrated.;
Brightness meter:Work better on your device with the Lux sensor,Otherwise use the front-facing camera;
Color sensor:Measure the color of any object in the RGB format with the camera;
Electrocardiogram:Measure your furnace rate with your device's camera and intelligent algorithms;
Battery tester;
Drag racing。

Other convenient tools:
Unit converter:Switch between physical units。Also includes currency converters for the world's most commonly used currencies;
Calculator:For basic calculations。It's not a scientific calculator.;
Code scanner:Scanner scans QR codes and barcodes;
NFC Scanner:NFC sensor is required to scan NFC tags;
Accelerometer:Display the device's accelerometer sensor data in real time on the chart;
Time:Show the current time for any location you select on the map;
Mirror、 Night vision、Dog Whistle、Microphone、Metronome; Tone Tuner、Counter、Random Generator、Pedometer、Body Mass Index、 Interval Tracker、Translation, etc.

Tool support unit format (metric units/imperial units) and multiple languages。

The app supports all device brands (Samsung,Sony,Htc,Lg,Huawei,Association,Toshiba, etc.)。But,Not all models have the right sensors to support all tools。It's mainly in Samsung,Sony,Htc,Lg,Huawei,Lenovo and Toshiba test。If you find any errors or need any help,Please feel free to email me with the tool。


Update the log:

Some Bugs fixed.


Version description:(balatan)

1、Pro function unlocked

2、All ads from the campaign have been removed The More Apps button bar has been disabled

3、Map location works

4、Remove native ad banner layout

5、Analysis deactivated


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