Android Hardware Detection Tool AIDA64 v1.72 Premium Paid Unlock

THE AIDA64 IS THE HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE INFORMATION UTILITY FOR ANDROID-BASED DEVICES.。Android AIDA64 is extremely powerful,It's as powerful as the PC version of AIDA64.。 The Android version of the AIDA64 shows the phone.、Tablet、Various diagnostic information for smartwatches and TVs.,All hardware information.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

The Android version of AIDA64 shows a lot of information.,A lot of data is dynamic.,Very accurate.,Cpu、Details of the display and GPU.,Even the CPU cache.、Information such as GPU ALU can be read.,Very professional.,Network and battery information.,Note That the battery information can display the current charge rate in mA.,Android information and device information.,The latest Android 5.1 system can be identified.,Information such as whether the film is anti-shake can also be displayed.,Temperature information and sensor information.,The data for each temperature sensor can be read out.,The data of various sensors is changing in real time.;Application information and decoder information.,Apps that can view the system's built-in video decoder are rare!

Hardware information based on AIDA64 for Windows applications., AIDA64 for Android can display the phone.、Tablet、Various diagnostic information for smartwatches and TVs.,Including:

– CPU detection,Real-time core clock measurements.
– Screen size,Pixel density and camera information.
– Battery and temperature monitoring.
– WiFi and cellular information.
– Android operating system and Dalvik properties.
– SoC and device model identification.
– Memory and storage utilization.
– OpenGL ES GPU details.,Real-time GPU clock measurements.
– Vulkan.,OpenCL.,CUDA.,Pci.,List of USB devices.
– Sensor polling.
– The installed app.,A list of codecs and system directories.
– Android Wear module.:Native app for the watch.


Update the log:

The Latest version.:
– Improved automatic check for updates.
– Improved support for Galaxy S20 5G., Galaxy S20 plus 5G.


Version description:

1、Advanced features unlocked

2、Disables support for worn equipment.

3、Changed the layout color in TV/Tablet mode.

4、Disable/remove unwanted permissions plus recipients and services

5、Analysis/Crash Analysis Disabled

6、Compatible with AOSP


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