Hardware detection tool AIDA64 v6.00.5100 Green Special Edition

AIDA64 (ORIGINAL EVEREST.)It is a system hardware and software detection tool on the windows platform.。Now love green software for everyone to bring the hardware detection tool AIDA64 green special edition has been updated to v6.00.5100.

AIDA64 is an authoritative monitoring and testing software.、Computer hardware monitoring.、Hardware detection master.,AIDA64 is also a master player.、One of the necessary hardware detection weapons for rookie users.。

AIDA64 v5.75 绿色特别版以及单文件

Description of the app:

The AIDA64 Extreme uses a 32-bit underlying hardware scan.,Thousands of motherboards can be supported.,Supports thousands of graphics cards.,Supports the detection of these PNP devices, which are connected/serial/USB.,Supports detection of a wide variety of processors.。Supports viewing remote system information and management.,The results are exported as HTML.、XML functionality.。

Diagnose your computer.
The AIDA64 has the most accurate hardware detection capabilities of its kind.。It provides you with detailed information on more than 185,000 hardware devices.,and help you find new drivers and BIOS updates.。
Keep your system healthy.
Have AIDA64 monitor the cooling status of the computer.,Voltage level and cooling fan speed.,to warn you of any problems.。You can also be at the highly customizable SenserPanel.,Osd.,Watch the measurements on a desktop gadget or LCD.。
Drive the computer to the limit.
Challenge the stability and cooling capacity of the system by placing it under high load.。Monitor the temperature while the pressure test is running.,Voltage and fan speed.。
AIDA64 engineers and business benchmarks can be extended to 2,048 logic processors.。You can also measure and compare the performance of dual- and four-processor servers and workstations.。
Manage your business remotely.
AIDA64 Business is an enterprise system administrator that collects large-scale network audits.,Track hardware and software changes and remotely manage important assets for all workstations.。
Benchmarks and comparisons.
Use different calculation methods to measure your computer's performance.,to make accurate comparisons with other systems.,Or beat your own score when overclocking.。

Fake nVIDIA video card detection.
AIDA64 can now identify counterfeit nVIDIA video cards.,It contains a remapped BIOS image.,False PCI identifiers and pretend device descriptions.。A prime example of this type of video card is the old GeForce GTX 650 card sold as a GeForce GTX 1050 in the popular online store.。

Advanced RGB LED module.
Existing AIDA64 RGB LED modules have been extended to Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 and SteelSeries Apex M750 keyboards.,Cooler Master MasterMouse MM530 and SteelSeries Rival 600 mouse.,SteelSeries QcK Prism mouse pad and Corsair ST100 headphone holder.。Right now,Various visual representations can be used to monitor CPU and memory utilization on RGB devices.,Network traffic.,Temperature,Voltage,Fan speed and power consumption measurements.。Improved support for Corsair Sabre RGB LED mouse.。Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is supported.,K70 RGB MK.2 SE.,Strafe MK.2 keyboard.。

The AVX-512 accelerates the benchmark for Intel Cascade Lake processors.
Optimize the benchmark for the upcoming Intel Cascade Lake server processor and the Intel Core 8000 Series Cannon Lake processor for the 64-bit multithreaded AVX-512.。The AIDA64 benchmark and system stability test now use the AVX-512.,AVX2.,AVX.,Fusion multiplication. – Addition (FMA) instructions and AES-NI hardware acceleration for powerful Intel processors.。In the AIDA64 system stability test.,You can now choose to use the AVX and AVX-512.。Supports up to 32 processor groups (AIDA64 Business only).,AIDA64 Engineer and AIDA64 Network Audit) or 4 Processor Groups (AIDA64 Extreme)。
Improvements to the motherboard based on the Intel Z390 chipset.
The temperature of the fourth generation LGA1151 motherboard and the second generation Intel Coffee Lake processor based on the Intel Z390 Cannon Point.,Voltage and fan speed monitoring.。Intel Z390 PCH and Intel Core 8000 and 9000 Series Amber Lake.,Cannon Lake.,Coffee Lake.,Detailed chipset information for integrated memory controllers for Kaby Lake and Whiskey Lake processors.。Detailed SPD information for high-performance DDR4 memory modules with XMP 2.0 memory profiles.。Supports the latest 5Gbps Ethernet LAN controllers.。
Supports the latest hardware technology.
Multithreaded OpenCL GPGPU benchmark.,The graphics processor.,OpenGL and GPGPU details.,The latest GPU temperature and cooling fan monitoring.:AMD Radeon Pro 555X.,Radeon Pro 560X.,Radeon RX. 580 2048Sp.,Radeon RX. 590; nVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000 Series.,Quadro RTX. 4000,Quadro RTX. 5000,Quadro RTX. 6000. Matrix Orbital GTT和RoboPeak RPUSBDisp LCD支持。改进了对SanDisk X600 SSD和LSI RAID控制器的支持。Aqua Computer D5 Next和Quadro传


Update the log:


Version: 6.00.5100 stable:

– SHA3-512 cryptographic hash benchmark utilizing AVX, AVX2 and AVX-512

– AVX2 and FMA accelerated 64-bit benchmarks for AMD Zen 2 Matisse processors

– Microsoft Windows 10 May 2019 Update support

– BeadaPanel LCD and SteelSeries Rival 710 OLED display support

– Corsair H100i Platinum and H115i Platinum liquid cooler sensor support

– Cooler Master MP750 RGB LED mousepad support

– Corsair Obsidian 1000D, EVGA iCX2, Farbwerk 360, NZXT GRID+ V3 sensor support

– Preliminary support for Intel Comet Lake CPU

– GPU details for AMD Radeon VII

– GPU details for nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1600 and GeForce RTX 2060 Series

– Preliminary support for AMD Navi GPUs

– Retired SHA1 and VP8 benchmarks.


Version description:

# Based on the official green version.,Integrated serial number.,Start-up is an authorized version.,Delete multiple languages、Detect the update module.;
# Unzip the official main program UPX compression shell.,The welcome screen is displayed when you cancel startup by default.,The start-up speed is greatly improved.;
# Go to the menu for redundant items.:Help、Check for updates、Contact us、License agreement.;Go to check for updates about the interface.;
# Remove subsequent automatic detection update prompts.,Prohibited version detection updates,Go to the general settings to detect version updates.;
The green version retains the full module.,And a single file streamlines the excess module size is suitable for integration in the PE system!


What's the difference between the AIDA64 version?,Which version is good?
The difference between extreme and engineering versions.:Only if the serial number is a single person or a multiplayer authorization.;Usually with the Extreme Edition!
The difference between the first two and the commercial version.:The commercial version is the most functional.,With database manager/monitoring manager/remote functionality.。


AIDA64 Extreme Extreme 1V1JU-EDYD6-36DGH-PDA94-WB3TE.
AIDA64 Engineer Engineering YRDM3-A1RD6-IYDG1-8DS54-RLXZB.
AIDA64 Business Commercial UQU21-SRRDB-HPDAL-XDMV4-F1ZQN.


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