Android Cool My Music v9.3.3.0 Go Ad Special Edition

Cool My Music is a music APP on Android。Cool My Music Mobile Edition,Native free support login-free auditions and downloads of non-destructive music! Cool My Music is a professional online music playback software,Powerful music search and high-speed song downloads;The most full music library,The most professional audio decoding core technology,High-fidelity playback in a variety of audio formats;Cloud Music,Feel anywhere, anytime, anywhere,On the table.,In the pocket.,You can do it on the couch.,Quku Surprise,Lyrics MV amazing! Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Cool My Music HD is Cool My Technology tailored for Andriod large screen devices professional online sound
Music playback software。
User-friendly interface design,HD pictures,Fresh and simple,Simple and smooth operation;
Massive Music Library and Global Music Charts,Accurate search for millions of high-quality genuine music,Faster voice search,Search for whatever you want.;
Automatic access to accurate KRC lyrics and singer-shows,More big picture carousel and photo-change,Not only is it nice to look better.;
Convenient local song management,Fast local song scanning and high-quality music downloads,Enjoy local music;
Full platform song list cloud sync feature,At the same time support QQ,Quick login on Weibo,Listen to your favorite songs anytime, anywhere;
Diversified song classification,Mv,Radio,Dj,Ring,Nursery rhymes,Film,Crosstalk Skits,Reviews and so on what you want to hear.,Everything in Cool My Music HD Edition


Update the log:

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Version description:

The mouse loves to eat grass

Special treatment,Support for playing off-shelf songs、Support for overseas users!
Cracking Luxury VIP Members,Show VIP Prestige Logo, Free access to privileges:
Download the auto-enjoy luxury VIP extreme download exclusive server (no login)
Listen to download paid songs,No damaged music,One-click HiFi、AI Smart Sound (login-free),Copyright songs and listening books are not supported)
Download paid HiFi digital album,Enjoy luxury VIP-free ads、VIP member theme skin (any account login is required before)


Attention:The first time this software is turned on, it prompts a paid addition,Just click No More Prompt,This is modified special author plus does not affect the use of。

Tips:How to download paid songs,Need to log in to Cool My Account,Just use QQ authorization.,If validation fails,Just pull the login information again.。Then download the paid song,will pop up to give money tips,Click on Singles to Buy,Then choose Alipay Topay。

After the Alipay pop-up,Click back to buy successfully,Don't spend a penny.。


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SVIP Members Exclusive

Members enjoy high-speed download links。Start members now


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  • Don't forget to thank and support the developer! If you like the app,Please buy genuine!
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