Image browser ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 v13.0 Flagship Special Edition

ACDSee is a digital image processing software,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the image browser ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 The flagship special edition has been updated tov13.0

ACDSee is for photographers、Professional-grade image editing software。ACDSee is currently the most popular digital image processing software,Widely used in image acquisition、Management、Browse、Optimization! Support for multiple modes,Such as management、View、Edit、and develop a piece of software.,Multi-job! Using ACDSee,Pictures can be accessed efficiently from digital cameras and scanners,Easy to find、Organize and preview。More than a few dozen common multimedia formats are a network of hit! As the most heavyweight look chart software,It's fast.、Show your pictures with high quality,Coupled with a built-in audio player,Enjoy the wonderful slides it plays。

Description of the app:

ACDSee doesn't just have all the features to manage、Software that edits and displays a large number of digital images,It supports a variety of RAW images,Easy access to digital images、Edit、Collection、Printing, etc.。

Ultimate creative freedom
In the field behind the lens,Get back to your place faster。ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020 combines GPU acceleration layer,RAW editing and world-class digital asset management capabilities,and has enough agility.,Quickly meet your creative graphics and photography needs。Ultimate has HDR,Focus Stacking,Hybrid clones,Create your own color adjustments,Improved facial recognition,More control and flexibility over text and layers,Gives you the flexibility to create compositions,dealing with innovative graphics you've been fantasizing about。

Harmonious balance
High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR) is a skill in digital photography,Designed to achieve a wide dynamic brightness range by combining multiple images。Use the HDR tool to combine a series of images with different exposures,to create a single image of the maximum detail range in shadows and highlight areas。

Stay focused
Sometimes,No matter what you do,Can't make every detail in the image clear。Using focus stacking,You can group a series of images with different focal lengths together,to create an image with a larger depth of field than the image allowed by a single exposure。

It's up to
Add text as layer。Custom fonts,Size,Color,Style,Alignment,Opity, etc.,At the same time layering the final synthetic material,Mix and add effects。

Open up your horizons
Resize the canvas to expand around layered content,Or add a solid background for unlimited photo manipulation。

Rule of Thumb
Customizable rulers and guidelines enable placement layers,Text and objects become foolproof。Align layers with guidelines。Just put a lot of guidelines。Control units of measure,Color and visibility。

Handle any geometric defects
Objects when moving,Text and images snap to the top of the canvas,Bottom,Side or corner。Display the grid for precise positioning。

Layer effect
Add an inner glow between an image and a text layer,Shadow,Angle,Contour or Blur。Saved as .acdc file,and continue editing the layer effect at a later date。

Clone Fusion
Use the Hybrid Clone tool to copy pixels from the source region to the target region。ACDSee analyzes pixels in the target area,and mix it with the copied pixels,for the most seamless fix。

Align and blend layers
Auto-align or automatically blend image layers when shooting,to achieve the best version of an object。

Layer freedom
Pull an image group into the Layer pane,Then choose one.,One or more。

Endless creativity
Develop your own LUT with an infinite combination of colorful adjustment layers。Use your LUT as an Edit mode filter,Developer mode filter or other adjustment layer。

Parameter color
By importing LUTs and using them as non-destructive filters,Seamless color grading of images。

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Version description:




1、In view of the messy code situation in the Hanization of the msi interface,Did not Chineseize the installation interface,All the way to the next step;
2、If you have another ACDSee product installed,Uninstall and clean up the ACD Systems folder in the user data catalog first;
3、Note that ACDSee software requires support from the VC runtime;
4、If the opening prompt after installation is missing d3dx9_xx.dll-related module,Please install The DirectX9.0c End-user runtime;
5、Win7 is still prompted for unsupported actions if you open all the runtimes,Please install MicrosoftKB2670838Patch;

Flagship system requirements:Windows 7 and higher 64-bit,No 32-bit version。
Professional system requirements:Windows 7 and higher 32-bit、64Bit。
ACDSee 8.0 Windows XP is no longer supported after the version。


Download the address: Extract code:a006



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