Lu Master v5.1019.1080.801 To ads green portable version

Master Lu is a hardware condition and hardware temperature monitoring software on the windows platform! Now love green soft for everyone to bring The Master Lu to ads green portable version has been updated tov5.1019.1080.801

Master Lu mainly provides hardware authenticity identification、Computer(Cell phone)Stability guarantee、System performance improvements, Master Lu has energy saving and cooling、Drive installation、Computer protection、Hardware testing、System optimization、Hardware detection、Drive upgrade、Performance testing、Computer detection、Mobile phone reviews、Battery protection、Real-time temperature detection、Features。

鲁大师 v5.15.16.1080 去广告绿色版本

Description of the app:

Master Lu is a well-known free system tool software,Free hardware authenticity identification、Computer(Cell phone)Stability guarantee、System performance improvements, Master Lu has hardware detection、Hardware testing、System optimization、Energy saving and cooling、Drive installation、Drive upgrade、Computer detection、Performance testing、Real-time temperature detection、Battery protection、Computer protection、Drive upgrade、Features such as mobile phone evaluation;Lu Master Android version offers phone reviews、Functions such as running points PK。

Lu Master 5.0
Professional hardware evaluation、Accurate hardware detection、Comprehensive
Hardware protection、Secure your computer hardware
Computer Performance Assessment
Run the computer hardware by precision algorithm,One-click to understand hardware performance,Let you know your computer better
Computer authenticity identification
Identify hardware authenticity,Provides at-a-glance hardware parameters
Safety and temperature monitoring
Monitor the status of your computer's hardware,Easy access to computer health,Prevent ingress of hardware,Secure your computer and extend hardware life
Computer hardware acceleration
Clean up computer hardware junk in a timely manner,Keep your hardware at peak working at all times,Reject card slow


Update the log:


1.Update the hardware library,Increase the identification of some memory vendor brands

2.To solve some of the problems of hardware temperature detection anomalies

3.Optimize game modes、The judgment of web video mode

4.Solve the problem that the temperature ruler display is not obvious under win10 light theme


Version description:

-Go software self-checking,and remove redundant files,Go built-in software 360 driver;
-Go to the right-hand feature full button:Wireless sharing、Mobile phone recycling and new machine recommendations
- Go to the bottom ad text link,Do not block the upper right corner of the logo after opening the official website behavior
- Go to the top right corner forum and question feedback button,Go to options Check for updates and official buttons
- Go to the top button of the interface:Clean-up optimization、Drive management and mobile phone running points;Go to the temperature monitoring interface feedback button
-Go to the hardware detection page button:My maintenance card and Weibo share;Go to temperature detection、Performance test page button:Weibo Share
- Go to experience list options:Installation essentials、Clean-up optimization、There is a problem with the hard drive,Crisis data security、Computers are under threat of high temperatures,Hardware is easily damaged
- Go to the temperature monitoring interface feedback button、Go to set the option to submit an error (Hard change does not check)、Default does not check boot(Choose your own)
- Go set home page protection options,Set the default not to turn on hardware protection and other,Need to turn on yourself

Non-shelled version,From the network


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