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360Antivirus through the continuous attention and analysis of user feedback,We have further improved scanning and auto-fixing logic for problems with browsers that do not have access to the Internet。You can quickly fix this problem with a quick or full scan!There is also a significant optimization of CPU and IO occupancy during power-on,Significantly reduces the impact on the system power-on process。

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Software features

1.The design is simple and generous

As an anti-virus software,360Anti-virus interface design is so good that the "clean" "fresh" feeling is displayed。We can see clearly from the interface,The software's main two scans (full scan、Quick Scan) function。

2.Direct and convenient function

As mentioned above,,Anti-virus 360 software scanning anti-virus function is very intuitive,Netizens only need to choose according to their own needs,Clean up after scanning according to the antivirus recommendations provided by the software。

3.Easy and comprehensive configuration

Open the software's settings interface,A wide range of general advanced options are exhaustive,Netizens can adjust according to their own needs。

4.More full protection at the back

Antivirus 360 software can only perform basic scan antivirus? That would be a big mistake.,Click to go to the software "Full Of Features",Inside is "system security"、Safety functions such as "system optimization" and "system first aid",Not happy to experience it?


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