360Security Guard Go Ads/Green/Latest/Install-Free Offline Installation-Free Edition

360Safety Guard Green Installation-FreeThe latest version is currently the most powerful、The best results、The most popular internet essential security software。

360安全卫士 去广告/绿色/最新/免安装版

Software introduction:
1.360Security Guard is a feature launched by Qihoo 360、It works.、Secure antivirus software that is popular with users
2.Currently 420 million Chinese netizens,Preferred installation 360 has more than 300 million
3.Owns a kill trojan、Clean up plug-ins、Fixing a vulnerability、Computer check-up、Computer Rescue、Protect ingress of privacy,Computer expert,Clean up the garbage,Various functions of cleaning up traces
4.Original“Trojan Firewall”“360Tight plate”Features
5.Rely on preemptive detection and cloud identification,Can be comprehensive、Intelligently intercept all types of Trojans,Protect a user's account、Important information such as privacy
6.The included 360 software butler also makes it easy for users to download、Upgrade and power-uninstall a variety of applications

360Security Guard 10.2 Update:

  • 1.Full support for Win10:Win10 Upgrade Assistant、Win10 Settings,Ensure secure and smooth upgrades、Using Win10
  • 2.WeChat Clean-up:Regularly clean up WeChat,Save space on your phone
  • 3.Full-scale improvement in functionality:A wider range of clean-up,Killing is even more powerful.,More power protection
  • 4.Software Butler Revamp:New interface,The entrance is more obvious.,The style is more refreshing.

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