Android Xposed edge pro v5.4.2 Paid Special Edition

Xposed edge is xposed module to provide you with system-level control and operation。Now love green soft for everyone to bring android X-edited pro paid version has been updated to5.4.2

Xposed Edge,This module provides you with system-level control and operation。Remap Gestures,Keys,Phone status…,to trigger the action you want。Like many other Android artifacts.,Xposed Frame This app was created on the XDA forum popular with Android developers。Xposed Frame is a special Android app,Its main function is to provide a new application platform,After players install Xposed frame,More system-level applications can be installed through a platform built from the Xposed framework,Implement a lot of amazing features - in terms of usage,Similar to the Cydia platform experience after iOS jailbreak。Based on it, many powerful modules can be created,and operate at the same time without conflicting functionality。

Description of the app:

**** XPOSED Framework required
Do not install,If you don't know what xposed is!

The module gives you gesture control,Smart triggers such as key control。What triggers you want is action.。

– Edge Gestures。
– Key。
– Pie。
– Shortcut panel。
– Sidebar。
– Schedule (alarm)。
– Application status。
– More (after power-up is complete),Screen on/off,Wi-Fi/Disconnect…)…

– Default,As the default for the system。No,Do nothing.。
– Navigation:Back off,Home,Recentapps…
– Control:Sleep/Wake,Show power menu,Shutdown,Restart,Expand the notification panel…
– Rotating control。
– Media control:Play/Pause,Next,The previous one,Stop it…
– Fast scrolling:Scroll to top/bottom。
– Edit:Copy,Paste…
– Universal copy,Every place with a tap copying text。
– Set up:Automatic brightness,Rotating,Wi-Fi,Moving data…
– Launch ingest/fast/activity,Complete the activity,Next to previous apps/apps,Killing apps…
– Refrigerator:Frozen/thraw app。
– Gestures entered,Key events,Text…
– Shortcut panel,The drawer of the app,Drawer freezer,Sidebar…
– Floating widgets。
– Pie。
– Sliding adjustment:Swipe at the edge to adjust the brightness,Net filter,Volume…
– Gesture pointer,Reach out your fingers.。
– Pen:Draw the top on the screen。
– Notice,Speech,Toast。
– Screen filters,Torch。
– Shell command。
– Conditions:If the screen,Keyboard lock,Wireless connection/disconnect,Battery level,Time cycle,Wireless network connection to application set…
– Multi-action,Multi-rescue operations。


Update the log:

Bug fixes.


Version description:

Direct installation is ready for use



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