Android Tencent Video v8.2.20 Go Ad Special Edition

Tencent Video's Mobile Client Adopts Lightweight Interface Design,Tencent Video has a large user base、And there's a lot of unique copyright libraries.。Enjoy a listening feast,Live on-demand and live tv, on-demand, supporting rich content、Powerful features such as automatic shutdown,Free super-clearing for you、Hd、Smooth network video service。A flip-flop experience with a new video magazine、Detailed and intimate interface design,Easy selection of massive hot films,Enjoy a home theater-like movie-watching experience。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Tencent Video is Tencent's online video platform,Tencent Video has popular content and professional media operation capabilities,Tencent Video is an aggregated hit TV、Variety Entertainment、Sporting events、News and other integrated video content platform,And through the PC side、Mobile and living room products and other forms to provide users with high-definition smooth video entertainment experience。

Don't say much.,This APP is supposed to use a lot of。


Update the log:

·Watching a play can be a love bombshell.,Also cos the characters in the play!
·Bounce intelligent anti-masking,Can normally watch the characters in the play is not blocked by the impeachment!
·The Knowledge Channel is new.,Parent-child education、Vocational skills、Style interests ... Massive content,There's always a course for you.
·Vertical beat supports adding geo-location watermarks,Come and share the local fun.


Version description:

There are cluster tips in the software,Non-site information,Please note that identification。

·Remove start-up ads
·Remove title ads
·Remove suspended ads
·Remove Home Promotion
·Remove WeChat login
·Remove redundant permissions
·Remove update tips
·Remove questionnaires
·Remove my ad.
·Remove my red dot.
·Remove message notifications
·Remove some lines
·Optimize layout display
·Remove QQ Quick Login
·Add an adaptive icon
·Increased donation channels
·Remove cartoon animation from the back of the dress up
·Remove Tencent Security Guard download channels
·Zipalign optimization


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