Tencent Video PC v10.38.2010.0 Go Ad Green

Tencent Video PC is a video software produced by Tencent。Tencent Video is one of China's online video media platforms,Tencent Video Has Massive HD Video Online Viewing。And Tencent video client part of the wonderful episodes updated in advance,Tencent Video also supports online on-demand and live TV broadcasts。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Tencent Video is Tencent's online video platform,Tencent Video has popular content and professional media operation capabilities ,And Tencent Video is an aggregate hot-to-air movie、Variety Entertainment、Sporting events、News and other integrated video content platform,And through the PC side、Mobile and living room products and other forms to provide users with high-definition smooth video entertainment experience。

·Frameless player,Immersive movie viewing experience
·Personalized recommendations,Tencent videos know you better
·Client new skin change,Seconds become small fresh meat
1080P Free
Non-members enjoy Blu-ray quality
Download、Watch offline
Multitasking support,See the film farewell to Caton
V-Coin Double Rewards
Earn more V coins,Draw VIP Privileges
Smooth movie-viewing experience
Experience the thrill of 3 x faster online


Update the log:

1、Short video fixed "positive" entrance,One click on the full chase drama
2、Optimize the player's basic performance,A better viewing experience


Version description:

- Go to safety tests.,Blast hard-change module to ads,Watch the video without buffering direct seconds!
- Go to all the ads.:Play buffer、Suspend ads、Playing、End of the film、Corner advertising;
- Go to the player's featured home page above the first time-lapse pop-up timeflash ad;
- Go to the main menu mini-newsletter、Safety、Online upgrade items,Go tray menu online upgrade、Help items;
- Block upgrade detection code,Completely go to subsequent forced upgrades,Prohibit background sneak downloading installation package upgrade files;
-Prohibition of background downloads of ads,Remove automatic upgrades、Service program、Safety protection module、Error reports and other documents;


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