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Photo Grid is a picture video processing app on Android。Photo Grid supports photo editing、Photo combination、Video Collage、Beauty Selfie、Camera effects、Dynamic map、Slide、Fix filters, etc.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

Instagram and photo lovers are a must!! Powerful PhotoGrid,Have a photo combination、Photo editing、Video Collage、Camera effects、Beauty Selfie、Dynamic map、Fix filter、Slides and other features! You want it.,One pass to you! Just one APP,To meet your needs! Easily become a P-chart master!

? PhotoGrid
– Selected Google Play App of the Year 2016
– Multi-Material Weekly Update,Open to use there is a surprise
– Dynamic filters are new to the line,Photo taps are fun.
– More than 300 million users worldwide,A must-have for a photographer who loves to take pictures
– More than 15 million photos per day worldwide are edited by PhotoGrid
– Stunning photos in simple steps,And it's completely free.
– Photo editing software that is popular around the world

?Beautify inged:Powerful editing tools are available,P-chart is extremely simple.
Beautification:Rich tools to the bottom of the eye,Contains:Fit Instagram 1:1Size、Cut、Border、Stickers、Mosaic、Brightness、Contrast、Saturation、Text、Beauty、Fuzzy、Background、Filter、Layout、Adjusting the scale、Doodleand and other features,Easily play out textured photos
Collage:More than 300 collage playthings,Create different surprises with different sheet numbers,You can even set your own collage look.。Strong support for 15 pictures at the same time collage,Show the infinite possibilities of your creation
Background:More than 80 gorgeous backgrounds,More can be added to the picture as a photo background,Make your work even more exciting.
Filters:More than 50 beautiful filters,Including beauty、Scenery、Retro、Halo、Black and white and a variety of holiday effects
Stickers:Over 500 personalized stickers,You can also cut your own photos into stickers,Make your puzzles emotional and budding
Beauty:Smart Face Recognition Technology,Instant fully automatic grinding、Breast、Big Eyes、Thin Face、Whitening、Go to the pox。Let you 0.1 seconds one click beautiful,Beautiful at any time

?Video Collage:Love will win,Photo collage is just enough.
Open collage,Not only can you combine photos,More can combine video! Support for up to 4 video collages at the same time,Also support up to 9 photo mash-up video collages at the same time! More than 300 collage playthings、80Multiple background options、10Kind of border pick! PhotoGrid meets your photo collage and video collage needs at the same time! Your community is better than others!
Clipboards:Make a collage that belongs to you,Size and position as you like。You,Is the most tasteful typography designer!
?Pattern:Weird background generator,Do it yourself in your own background.
Is that tablecloth on your phone tired of looking? Let's get some fresh! PhotoGrid's new Pattern – Background image generator,You can quickly crop the photos you want with multiple layouts,Support more than 500 personalized stickers at the same time,It doesn't matter if you don't have a good photo.。You can also change the basemap color as you like、Style,Create a style that is unique to yourself,As a cell phone tablecloth、It's great to have a lock screen or a pass to a friend!
?Fun Camera:Exciting EffectS Camera,Selfie video is appropriate.
Point off the fun camera,Nearly 100 fun dynamic filters can be used,Support 1 person、2People、Multi-person use,Leave precious memories。Contains animals、Garland、Rainbow、Glasses、Food、Festivals and other styles。Cute, no matter what's cute.、Funny、Make an ugly,can meet your needs.。Through the budding dynamic filter、Reality Filter、Motion Stickers,It's easy to take bright photos。Let you shine in the community,Add life to an ordinary life
Slides:Turn photos into movies,Strong support for 50 photo clips,And photos are freely sorted。Make a simple MV、Join your favorite music、Adjust the video time、Add a multi-gradient transition effect、Replace the filter、Blurred background、Change the background、Adjust the border、Bet on features such as personality signatures,None of what you want is a problem.

?Other Popular Editing Tools
- Cropped:Support for vertical and horizontal,Any proportion can be cut
Mosaics:Support sized 5 mosaic slots,Easy to create results
Adjustments:Brightness、Contrast、Saturation、Color change sesame
Layout:Support for a variety of shapes,Contains love、Circular、Triangle、Bear、Stars、Octopus、Crown、Various options such as lips
Text:Support for a wide range of fonts、Color,More to add background
- Blur:One-finger blurred background,Make the subject of the photo more eye-catching
Twinkle:Make your photos famous,And it can move.
Posters:Massive templates for you to pick,Like a PS in a pocket.
Adjusting the scale:Support for vertical and horizontal,Any proportion can be adjusted
The border:10Border selection,Make the picture more your tune
Graffiti:Rich colors、Adjustable strokes,A little painter is not a dream.
Long chart:Support for horizontal and vertical long maps,Can also become a sketch with one click

One-click save:Support for JPG and PNG,Seven resolution storage options


Update the log:

Bored at home? Time to make a beautiful video collage for #workfromhome❤️
In this update...
1.Sticker News and Background for Spring and Easter Day!
2.Minor Bug fixed

Warm Regards,
PhotoGrid Team


Version description:(@balatan)

1、Unlock premium Pro features


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