Download the software BitTorrent v7.10.5.44995 Green Go Ad Edition

BitTorrent is a Torrent download software.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the download software BitTorrent green go ad version has been updated to v7.10.5.44995.

BitTorrent is a simple piece of software.,You can quickly download files.。

Description of the app:

Free,Unlimited downloads.
Use BitTorrent.,There is no limit to the number of files you can download or how much data you can move.。

Ultra-fast file delivery.

Our technology breaks down large files into small pieces.。And then,Download files one by one from one or more different sources.。Because the file is broken down into tiny bites.,Therefore, less bandwidth is used.。This means that your download slower.。

Built-in bandwidth booster.
BitTorrent automatically adjusts bandwidth usage based on your network and Internet connection.,To ensure fast file transfers.。Your download runs in the background.。This means they will never slow down video chats or games.。

Download from anywhere using BitTorrent Remote.
There are torrents you want to download.,But you left your home computer? Want to download a movie night documentary before you leave the office?


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:( @rjno1)

1、Use the official greening method.。
2、The original program was not modified.,Keep ingane、Stability、Authentic。
3、The default global maximum number of connections is changed to 2000.,The maximum number of connected users per task is 300.。
4、The default does not power on to run automatically.。
5、Compatible installation,You can switch between 2。
6、Hide all ads on the software interface in an official way.。
7、File associations are not checked at startup.。No formatised by default.。
8、Automatic updates are turned off by default.。


Download the address:



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  • All resources on this site are available to provide a trial experience,You must be within 24 hours of downloading, Completely remove from your device。
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