Android Dynamic Photo Zoetropic v1.9.27 Latest Hanhua Professional Special Edition

Zoetropic is a deity on Android that dynamics still images locally,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the installation dynamic photo Zoetropic the latest Hanhua professional special edition has been updated to1.9.27

Zoetropic is a deity that dynamics still pictures locally。Zoetropic is using local point dynamics to make the whole picture more vivid。With Zoetropic,You can give life to your photos,Fantastic movie results。Make your photos move.。

Description of the app:

Use Zoetropic,You can give life to your photos,Use fantastic movie effects,Also known as the Cinemagraph effect。

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1 – Use mobile tools and guide the results at every point you want to give life。
2 – Use the stabilization tool,You can define that point is not moved,to avoid unwanted distortions。If you connect three stable points,Create a stable area。
3 – Use the Mask Tool,You'll define areas in the image that don't move。


Instructions for use:

1.Select a photo:Select any existing photos from your gallery,Or take a new photo.。

2.Animated Tracks/Points:Create an animation track by tapping and dragging the direction you want the animation to move。

3.Mask Brush:Select a brush and mask areas you don't want to animate。

4.Anchor:Add anchor points to specific areas of the image,You want to stay completely still.。

5.Speed:Tap and drag the speed bar,Fast speed adjustment。

6.Crop:Choose a crop to pre-adjust your image or size of your free crop。

7.Share:Simply save to your camera to scroll as a video or animation PNG。


Update the log:

New great features
– Video Overlays
– Image Overlays
– Udio Library
– Login
– Color adjust


Version description:

Straight-packed special edition


Download the address: Extract Code:5w7a



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