Android System Cleaning Tool SD Maid v5.1.1 [Beta] Professional Special Edition

SD Maid is a professional app to remove useless junk on Android。Because now Android programs are all over the place.,There is no good specification.,When you uninstall app.,There will always be any remaining files that have not been cleared.,SD Maid works at this time.,It will be when you have deleted the application.,Clean up all the useless rubbish.,Give more space for Android.。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

SD Maid will help you keep your equipment clean and tidy!
It provides tools for managing applications and files.。

Perfect.,The same is true of Android.。
After the application is unloaded.,Sometimes residual documents are left.。
The system often generates logs that you don't need.、Crash report and debug file.。
Useless files.、The unknown directory.,Take up your storage space all the time.。
That's it... Let SD Maid help you!

SD Maid can help you:
Browse and act on your device files through the feature-rich file manager.
Delete the extra files.
Manage installed userand and system applications.
Detect residual files from the unloaded application.
By name.、The content or date search for a file.
Get more information about your device's storage.
Optimize the database.
Do the actual application clean-up.,Delete the expendable file.,This will replace the so-called "clearing cache"
Detect duplicate images.、Music or files.,A separate name or location.
Run the tool automatically on a schedule or through a widget.


Update the log:

Improved: Clutter database.
Improved: Translations.
Improved: Internal storage detection.
Improved: Extracting zip files.
Improved: Hidden caches filter..
Improved: Trashbin filter.
Improved: Bugreporting filter.
Improved: ACS matching on Samsung, Vivo and ColorOS ROMs.


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