Fuchs PDF Foxit Phantom PDF v9.7.0.29478 Enterprise Special Edition

Foxit Phantom PDF is an advanced PDF editor on windows platform,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the blessing of the wind to the PDF Foxit Phantom PDF Enterprise Special Edition has been updated tov9.7.0.29478

Fukui Advanced PDF Editor It's based on the industry's best Foxit Extreme Security PDF engine,PDF Smart Form App、Professional-grade PDF document processing、Unique controlled document distribution security technology。Meet the strong needs of your business,Fuchs PDF Electronic Document Processing Suite Enterprise Edition offers a set of professional、Safety、Practical, feature-rich solutions,Meet the essential needs of your business。

Description of the app:

Fukui Advanced PDF Editor is similar to Adobe Acrobat,Is a tool for working with PDF documents,PDF creation、Modify、Conversion and security。It can edit PDF documents directly、Modify,No need to convert PDF documents into format files such as Word in advance,Its text editing tool automatically recognizes text boxes with OCR and allows users to edit paragraphs in text boxes。Fuchs PDF Electronic Document Processing Suite Enterprise Edition extends and expands the features of the Standard Edition,Provide a launch shared review、Advanced Editor、Security and file compression,A complete PDF solution that is essential for enterprises。The standard version is fully functional,Including reading、Create、Edit、Comments、Safety、Features such as document signing。

Meet the strong needs of your business,Fuchs PDF Electronic Document Processing Suite Enterprise Edition offers a set of professional、Safety、Practical, feature-rich solutions,Meet the essential needs of your business。Its main functions are:
Advanced editing and page management,PDF documents can be easily created and modified;
Sign a document;
High compression creates PDF documents;
Scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functions;
Secure documents with high-end security tools,such as IRM security and redaction, etc.;
Integrated desktop PDF index ingons to Microsoft Windows Search;
Collaborate and share PDF documents;
The creation and filling out form capabilities;
Conversion and export capabilities。

Create a connected PDF document
Convert existing PDF documents into connected PDF documents in just one step。You can also set up automatically converting PDF documents in any usage process to connected PDF documents。

Manage version updates for connected PDF documents
When the document owner registers for a new version,Update notifications can be sent to all relevant users,This notification message can be displayed on most PDF readers on the market。Document owners can also upload a new version to the server。

Track connected PDF documents
Connected PDF documents automatically track who opened the document when and where and what it did。Document owners of connected PDFs can set up mandatory tracking documents,That is, all users accessing the document must turn on data tracking before they can access the document。
Document users, whether document owners or other users, can send requests to other users to obtain the required or inadvertently deleted files,Include other versions of the file。

Connected review
Initiate and participate in shared reviews without configuring a shared server。

Protect connected PDF documents with one click
Document owners add protection to connected PDF documents with a single click,Permissions can also be configured for different users。


Update the log:

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Version description:(@roustar31)

Based on the official multi-Chinese enterprise ISO installation package unzip production
Xanax patch and latest fix registry integrated,After installation, try it directly to 2073 Years
No additional patches and imports of the registry,The msi and file direct applications have been used in advance
Includes all official features,and significantly reduce the size of the installation package
Ps:If an activation window appears at startup,Click to cancel


Download the address:


https://pan.baidu.com/s/109lNY5QV_TBoewXeaQB5ug Extract Code:bp75


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