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Reading Star is a mobile reading client developed by the Reading Star team,Focus on mobile reading for five years,Unique custom reading,Professional reading layout design.、Book voice reading support and web library search download son-in-service.,For the vast number of novel reading lovers to provide a casual and comfortable reading experience.。This special edition of this update comes with the special symbol of my love forum.。

阅读星 最新版 专业特别版

Paid version of partial feature preview.:

Function one.:A large number of free subjects change at will.

Function two.:Support for local books.、Baidu Cloud Books (Auto Scan)、Book bar book friends to share.,There are countless books shared by bookfriends.,Transferable stake is downloadable.,The important thing is,No money! A book shortage? Does not exist.
Function three.:That's what has attracted me for so many years.,It's been improving for so many years.,Very good.
Fonts are supported.、Chapter title.、Read the sizing of the information.;Line spacing is supported.、Word spacing.、Segment spacing.、Vertical margin adjustment.;Support Chinese Traditional.、UTF8.、UCS2.、ANSI transcoding.

Function four.:Support little sister to read aloud!! The speed of speech is adjustable.,A wide range of high-quality tones are available.,What's more,,Read backstage! I can listen to the novel while reading weChat.

1、ProV3.2 Pro Pro Special Edition has been prompted for updates?
For:The point starts like.,Open settings,Set to automatically continue reading the last time you start.,Perfectly solve the prompt update issue.。
2、Do you don't support direct changes to book text?
For:Tested.,ProV3.2 Pro Pro Special Edition supports text changes directly.、The same text changes in bulk.,You can remove many annoying website ads from books.。
3、Which version is useful?
For:V2.71 Offline Collection only reads local books.,No online search for books and other networking functions.、No ads,Older versions.,Did not read aloud.、Skin download.、Text changes and other features.,But the core layout and other functions are the same.,Suitable for local book reading.。
Read Star V2.3 Pure Edition removes some ads (including ads that are still available in VIPs),But when downloading books shared by book friends.,There is a limit of 3 times a day.,VIP functions such as text cannot be directly replaced.,Not recommended.,Please ignore tuhao.。
V5.1 Thin To Upgrade is running incorrectly on some models.、Flashback phenomenon.,To avoid wasting some bookfriends' traffic and time.,The version has now been deleted.。
ProV3.2 Pro Special Edition is the version that the owner has been using for personal use.,Vip function.,There are no restrictions on downloading and sharing books.,Text is replaced as you like.,There are also functions.,It is personally recommended to install this version.


Read Star ProV3.2 Pro Special Edition (VIP Feature):

Download: Password:bjf8.

Read Star V2.71 Offline Collection (simply offline edition).,No networking.,No ads):

Download: Password:hbxh.

Read Star V2.3 Pure Edition (no ads).,No VIP function):

Download: Password:7atb.

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