BesLyric Lyrics Production Software v3.1.1 Stable Edition

BesLyric is a full-platform (Windows/Linux/MacOs) WebEase Cloud LRC production software。Now love green soft for everyone to bring BesLyric lyrics production software stable version has been updated to v3.1.1

BesLyric is a software that specializes in making NetEase Cloud Music LRC Scroll lyrics! Search、Download、It's easier to make lyrics! Of course this software to do other LRC is also ok,It supports local music more support for NetEase Cloud music,It can also be said that this is a special lying software for The LRC built for NetEase Cloud。It is based on the Qt implementation,Main lyrics production function,NetEase Cloud Style Interface。Love Green Soft

Beslyric-for-X制作滚动歌词(LRC)的歌词制作软件 最新版


Beslyric-for-X制作滚动歌词(LRC)的歌词制作软件 最新版


Linux(Debian/Ubuntu)Interface preview:

Beslyric-for-X制作滚动歌词(LRC)的歌词制作软件 最新版


MacOs interface preview:

Beslyric-for-X制作滚动歌词(LRC)的歌词制作软件 最新版


Description of the app:

1、Lyrics Production:

The process is very simple.,You just have to press the key on the keyboard.,you can add a timeline to the lyrics., Natural playback or end by pressing Enter

2、Scroll through the preview:

Want to know how well you make your own thing? You can finish the production.,Direct mouse click on the Preview Effect button,The program automatically loads the lyrics that have just been finished (see below),You can preview the effect

3、Download song lyrics:

When there are no existing songs and lyrics,You can search for downloads by downloading songs and downloading lyrics page

What do you think,Such an intimate interface design,Such a simple operation,Are you excited?


Update the log:

1、Support”Singer-Song Name”|"”Song Name - Singer” 2 Kind of naming way to save files
2、Optimize the playback preview of songs in the lyrics list,Supports clicking preview lyrics below the list of lyrics
(Recommendations provided by github user binsee at 2 points above)
3、Optimize playback progress bar operations,Supports direct click-and-locate playback (disabled in Lyrics mode)
4、Fix play/pause button after dragging progress bar、Icon error after song playback
(Technical support provided by github user pzhlkj6612/Mozi at 2 points above)
5、Lift restrictions on the format when selecting a song file,If you can choose flac(Recommended by github user iMusynx)
6、NetEase Cloud Music Downloads mp3 automatically joins album pictures and song information
7、Repair”Download the lyrics”Under the page”LRC Lyrics”Page button and edit box failure issues
8、Repair lyrics sheet song fails to play,Unlimited error reporting under single loop playback;
9、Fix when dragging a list of lyrics,Drag to the last crash problem
10、Optimize other UI details (e.g. lyric display at 4k resolution, etc.)


Version description:

Software name:BesLyric

App platform:Windows / Linux (Ubuntu) / Mac

Latest version No.:3.1.0

Github Windows:

Github MacOS/Linux:


Download the address:


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