Figure Bar Toolbox Tuladin Bar Toolbox v2019.01 Latest Edition

The Figure Bar Toolbox is a collection of tools.。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the figure bar toolbox TuLatin Bar Toolbox latest version v2019.01. 。 The figure bar toolbox mainly contains hardware information detection.、CPU tools.、Motherboard tools.、Memory tool.、Graphics tool.、Hard drive tools.、Screen tools.、Comprehensive testing.、Sky ladder chart.、Activate features such as window.,is an open source toolkit.。


Description of the app:

This tool is easy to speak.、Vbs scripted language.,The easy language part is responsible for the interface and the simple text processing and calling tools section.,The vbs scripting language section is responsible for querying hardware information to the system wmi service.。The tool body is only about 0.5MB.,Open source and no network connection is required.,Please use it with confidence.。


Update the log:

Figure Bar Toolbox 2018.October edition.

What's in this update.:
1.Solve the problem of win10 bring its own anti-soft gas poison manslaughter.。
2.Added 300 series chipset support.,Add part 200.、9The device ID of the chipset.。
3.Improve chipset detection.,Significantly increase the recognition rate.。
4.Find gaps.,Make up the missing part of the August version button.,Fix the August version of the legacy of small BUGS that do not affect the use.。
5.Tool to find gaps.,Make up SSD-Z..
6.Various tool versions are routinely updated.。

Add the device ID of the following chipset.:


Version description:

Because there is no networking permission.,Therefore, updates are not checked on the Internet.。


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