Free VirtualBox v6.1.4-136177 Free Chinese multilingual version + Green Portable Edition

VirtualBox is a free, lightweight open source virtual machine software on the windows platform。Now love green soft for everyone to bring the free virtual virtual box Chinese multi-language version has been updated.v6.1.4-136177.

VirtualBox Chinese Free Edition is one of the strongest free virtual machine software available.,It is not only rich in features.,And the performance is excellent.。Love Green Soft

免费虚拟机VirtualBox 5.1.2 正式版本

Description of the app:

VirtualBox is a powerful x86 and AMD64. / Intel64 virtualization products.,For business and home users.。VirtualBox is more than just a feature- and functionality.,High-performance enterprise customer products.,It is also the only professional solution that can be used as open source software free of charge under gnu General Public License (GPL) release 2.。See About VirtualBox for an introduction.。

At present,VirtualBox is available in Windows.,Linux,The Macintosh and Solaris hosts run.,and supports a large number of customer operating systems.,Including but not limited to Windows (NT). 4.0,2000,Xp,Server 2003,Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10) ),Dos. / Windows 3.x.,Linux (2.4, 2.6, 3.x and 4.x),Solaris and OpenSolaris.,OS / 2and OpenBSD.。

VirtualBox is actively developing.,Has frequent versions.,and has a growing list of features.,Supports the customer operating system and running platform.。VirtualBox is a community effort supported by specialized companies.:Encourage everyone to contribute.,Oracle ensures that products always meet professional quality standards.。

- Support for a 64-bit client operating system.,Even if the host uses a 32-bit CPU.

- A snapshot of the virtual hard disk.
Support for SATA hard drive NCQ technology.
- Ability to share scrapbook with clients on the host side (client driver required)
- Seamless window mode (client-driven required)
- 3D virtualization technology supports OpenGL (after version 2.1)、Direct3D (supported after 3.0)、WDDM (supported after 4.1)
- Establish a sharing folder between the host side and the client (client driver must be installed)
- Built-in remote desktop server.,Realize single-machine multi-user.- Supports VMware VMDK disk files and Virtual PC VHD disk file formats.
- iSCSI support.

Support for VT-x and AMD-V hardware virtualization technologies.
- Up to 32 virtual CPUs (supported after version 3.0)

- USB with USB 2.0 support.

The biggest change in VirtualBox 5.0 is the increased support for hardware-assisted virtualization instruction set extensions.。AES-NI instruction sets are typically used for hardware acceleration when encrypting.,SSE 4.1 and SSE 4.2 instruction sets are included.。Another point is to support semi-virtualization of Windows and Linux clients.,A new architecture for an abstract host audio device and a USB 3 (xHCI) controller that supports the client.。

Most availability updates are improvements to the VirtualBox graphical user interface.。One big change is the support for customizing menus and toolbars for a single virtual host.,This eliminates few or never-used options.。Another important point is that virtual disks can be encrypted inside the VirtualBox interface.,and does not rely on the disk encryption capabilities of the guest operating system itself.(Suppose so.)。

5.0VirtualBox client feature added to the version - better video support.,Copy and paste in both directions.,and other features - there was no problem with installation.。(Support for Windows 10 has been improved from version 4.3.18.)。


Update the log:

  • Virtualization core.: Fixed a rare issue with ICEBP instruction causing thors on Intel hosts. (6.1.0 regression.; Bug. #19171)
  • Virtualization core.: Fixed macOS Catalina guests failing to boot after upgrading to. 10.15.2 s. (Bug. #19188)
  • Gui: recent NLS integration and bug fixes for GUI and Qt translation tags
  • Usb: Fix isochronous transfers to the VM for xHCI
  • Serial: Fix buffer handling, avoiding receiving stale data when the receive queue is flushed (Bug. #18671)
  • Serial: Improve host serial port passthrough handling on Windows host
  • VBoxManage: Restore old –clipboard option for modifyvm command
  • macOS host: Use hardened runtime and request the needed entitlements, meeting latest notarization rules which also required moving VirtualBoxVM executable
  • macOS host: Update osxfuse to v3.10.4
  • Windows host: Update Italian translation of installer
  • Windows host: Improve shared folder compatibility with POSIX append semantic (Bug. #19003)
  • Windows host: Restore the ability to run VMs through Hyper-V, at the expense of performance
  • Linux guest: Support Linux 5.5 (Bug. #19145)
  • Linux guest: Shared folder fix for loopback mounting of images
  • BIOS: Always report non-ATA disks as ready
  • BIOS: Report EFI support through DMI table. (Bug. 19144)
  • VGA BIOS.: Reduce stack space use for INT 10h handlers.


Version description:

Based on the official latest official version of the installation package unpacked production.。


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