NOD32 v9.0.386.1 Chinese Simplified official version

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Software 9.0 Official Chinese Simplified Official Edition has now been slightly updated to v9.0.386.1,License activation key is attached below;9.0The most important feature is the flat interface style,The atmosphere is beautiful! And add a new super cleanup module、Online shopping protection、Botnet Protection System;Comprehensive improvement of document protection、ESET SysRescue and HIPS Smart Mode,Full support for the Windows 10 operating system。

Software Introduction:ESET NOD32 authoritative antivirus software with "light、Fast、Hard、Quasi " is famous,Its ratings have a high score.,Less memory-intensive resources,The speed of virus removal is satisfactory.。without compromising work and play at the same time,Protect your computer from viruses and spyware efficiently。The world's only anti-virus software that has passed 26 VB100% tests,High according to the top of the list of products!

NOD32 v9.0.386.1 简体中文正式版本NOD32 v9.0.386.1 简体中文正式版本NOD32 v9.0.386.1 简体中文正式版本

ESET Smart Security / ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9 Feature improvements:

A redesigned user interface - ESET NOD32 Antivirus's graphical user interface has been completely redesigned,to provide better visibility and a more intuitive user experience。The interface now supports right-to-left languages,for example, Hebrew and Arabic。Online help is now integrated into ESET NOD32 Antivirus,And provide slive support content。

One faster、More reliable installation - including completing installation or restart 20 Run the initial scan automatically after minutes。

One supports the latest version of the Windows operating system - ESET 9 Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 and supports its new features。

An improved 64-bit version of the native - ESET 9 Now native code is supported in a way 64 Bit code,Improve 64 Security under the bit system。

An improved botnet protection - Web signatures allow you to quickly identify and block compromised devices,Malicious communications such as automatic backdoor scanning。Botnet Protection Enhanced Features automatically add botnet protection modules and do not require any user interaction。

A Banking and Payment Protection - ESET 9 Now the ability to automatically identify the behavior of users making bank transactions and making online payments in a browser,Prevent keyboard eavesdropping program discipline online purchase of identity and password information (ESET Smart Security only)。

A new online help system - integrating a new help system,The ESET Knowledge Base website has been fully updated with 9 series of help files,Press F1 or click on the question mark next to each setting to go to the online help page,Local help files will be launched if there is no network link。

A new license key mechanism - ESET 9 Activate the product with a serial number,Previous username and password activation products are no longer supported。You can convert the username ID password to a new key。

A Firewall Troubleshooting Wizard - The new version integrates the Firewall Troubleshooting Wizard Tool,You can set--->Access this feature under network protection。

NOD32 v9.0 License Key and Activation:

The following licenses are valid for 2017.02.20


NOD32 Username and Password Update Website


User name password conversion license key website

Changes due to 9.0 activation mechanism,No longer a username and password,So you need to go to the conversion!
If you have an existing username and password,You can convert it to a license key。

NOD32 v9.0 Official Chinese Simplified Official Edition + Hanhua Special Edition + License key

NOD32 v6.1 Enterprise Hanhua + v4.2 / v5.0 Classic Enterprise Special

NOD32 ID Auto-Acquirer:ID acquisition tool ESET VC52 UPID latest release


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