Android LBE Security Master v6.1.2562 Official Edition

LBE Security Master is a security software on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring LBE security master official edition has been updated tov6.1.2562

LBE Security Master,Crush,Just for safety! From this free management app permissions! First Material-style security software,Adopt a new Material design specification,Introducing flat and colorful design aesthetics into product design,And simple and pure to catch the eye of the new active defense,Support for 64-bit machines,Meizu can also open the main defense! Safety sandbox,Support for dual-card dual-wait ing and night-time traffic statistics、Traffic monitoring supports 4G networks,Description of the purpose of the first software permission、Smart configuration software permissions、Features such as notification bar editing。

LBE安全大师 v6.1.2235 正式版及老版LBE安全大师 v6.1.2235 正式版及老版

Description of the app:

LBE Security Master - Active Defense,It's safe and secure! Android platform's first root-free active defense、Security software that supports NFC unlocking,The first security software with real-time monitoring and interception capabilities,Focus on Android platform security! LBE Security Master Based on Industry First API Blocking Technology,No root needs to monitor and intercept sensitive operations in the system in real time,Dynamically intercept threats from known and unknown。Avoid all kinds of fee-sucking software,Adware and even Trojan viruses steal privacy information on mobile phones。

Deep acceleration
No ROOT required,Say goodbye to the stubborn process
A really good helper for cell phones.,Active defense protects your phone
Rights management
Full management of software permissions
Protect personal privacy,Preventing the virus

Proactive defense
Deep management&Geek Essentials
Full protection of mobile phone security

Mobile phone acceleration
One-click acceleration,Deep garbage clean-up
Limit background app self-initiation

Software management
Manage the installation and operation of third-party software
One-click uninstall pre-installed software

Virus Kill
Secure your phone in real time
One-click to kill stubborn viruses

Harassment Interception
Detailed communications management
Say goodbye to spam and nuisance calls

Power-saving optimization
Increased efficiency of electricity use
Effectively extendbattery life

Traffic monitoring
Support for dual-card double-waiting
Manage mobile traffic,Avoid stealing traffic


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Official Edition


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