Compatible with Win10's latest Thunderbolt v1.0.34

Thunderbolt Speed Edition has now been updated to v1.0.34.360! This update is further compatible with win10's latest preview.,Fixed the wn10 preview crash issue.。Today's Express edition supports Edge! With speed of light membership acceleration.、Turn off features such as uploads.,Chasing the new version controls go up!

兼容Win10最新版 迅雷极速版v1.0.34

Craftsmanship,Simple but not simple! No ads,No plug-ins,Download Superfast... Return to minimal.,Everything is for download services! Get rid of ads,Also your refreshing Thunder removal game and news pop window ads pursue the beauty of minimal;Discard other products bundled to install remove Thunderbolt look and game plug-ins without plug-ins.,Start faster.;Regression Download Essence Optimizeproduct Product Architecture and Service Focus Download.,So faster.。

兼容Win10最新版 迅雷极速版v1.0.34

New version changes:


2015.07.07 v1.0.34.360.

* Further compatibility with the Windows 10 Annual Update.
* Fix Windows. 10 An insider test system crashed while downloading.
* Fix Driver Layer Browser support with "Switchy Omega."、Compatibility issues with the S.Hadowsock?s.

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http://www. Access code fbf2. Access code 1792.

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