ThunderX v10.1.34.800 Green go ad local VIP version

Thunderx x completely rewrites ThunderX's main interface with Electron software framework。No ads,No plug-ins,Refreshing and simple,Start super fast,Download faster... Return to minimal,Everything is for download services! Get rid of ads,Also your refreshing Thunder removal game and news pop window ads pursue the beauty of minimal,Thunderx X has faster download speeds、Higher download success rates、Lower resource footprint、A more efficient and fluid download interactive experience。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

ThunderX,It's all there in a good time.

Richer download experience
Powerful download kernel,Simple interface,A more graphic display of download information

Interactive community communication unlimited
Experience exchange、File transfer、Find Ta with a common hobby

More Personality Skins
ThunderX pre-made more skin-changing options,There's always a choice that suits your taste.


Update the log:

Not yet


Version description:

#Crack the local VIP login and other related JS plug-in
#Go to the renewal benefits next to the user level of the main interface (currently all pushed package ads)
#Go to the toolbar:The red envelope button (to lead him to the eye),Also a carnival package ad)、Mobile Thunder button
#Update the latest ThunderX master program、Download the Engine SDK、Tourer Takeover Support File
#Fix the problem with the old js plug-in (the default narrowst wide and wide interface membership level skin button overlap)
#Modification of the old js plug-in prohibits background download schinre video decoding installation package APlayerCodecs3.exe
#Cracked local SVIP 10-year fee membership,Free Member Skin、Member plays accelerated anchor curve privilege
#Go to the bottom of the main screen for a picture ad、Go download the task text ad、Go to the lower right corner of the advertising pop-up window
#Go to personalized skin interface text link "Open member",Remove non-member open membership button
#Go to the task details page on the right side of the main interface:Film Review Area、Web page tags、Everybody's watching.
#Streamline a bunch of unnecessary js plug-ins,By decrypting the js file modification within the plug-in, the background forces the download of the updated version
#Streamline a bunch of unnecessary programs,For example:Thunderbolt Basic Services、Browser kernel engine、Upgrade components online, etc.
#Remove the right-hand home page,Hide the right area by default (windows maximize to open the settings page)
#Go to the search box at the top of the main interface、Message Manager、Go to all advertising and all kinds of extra elements
#Go to the main menu.:Download the diagnostic tool、Bookmark、Start-up、Help feedback、Check for updates、Get personalized thunderbolts
#Streamline a bunch of unnecessary browser kernel files,Official version of good garbage,Process service driver gives you a family bucket
#Keep the Thunderplay component,Support for edge-down broadcasting;Decrypt plug-in js file sadd-in to add offline space download to main menu
#Keep captionsearch、Thunderbolt password、Team acceleration;Support for Google Chrome、Firefox browser etc take over downloads
[Bone Edition]Browser-free kernel files,Thunderless playback component,Subtitle search is not supported、Thunderbolt password、Team acceleration


If you prompt "The application is not configured correctly",Please installRun library


Download the address:



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  • All resources on this site are available to provide a trial experience,You must be within 24 hours of downloading, Completely remove from your device。
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  • All resources on this site are free to download。
  • Exclusive lying local high-speed download or blue-play high-speed links only for our members。

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