HD Camera Pro v1.9 Paid Special Edition

HD Camera Pro is a professional photo application APP,Turn your phone into a professional camera。The HD Camera Pro Paid Special Edition, which loves Green Soft for everyone, has been updated tov1.9

HD Camera Pro turns your phone into a professional camera,Full control of exposure、Focus、White Balance、Other features such as ISO and professional cameras,Maybe take your photography to a whole new level.、New heights。Take the best picture,Record a high-resolution video。


Description of the app:

HD Camera Pro Turns Your Phone into a Professional Camera,Full control of exposure,Focus,White Balance,Other features such as ISO and professional cameras,Take your mobile photography to the next level。Take the best photos,Even recording video at high resolution。

HD Camera Pro Main Features:The

Control exposure (lock/adjust value)
Control white balance
Manual ISO *
Manual focus
Manual Shutter Speed
The spacer
Continuous shooting mode
Set custom video bit rate
Real-time filters/color effects

*On devices that support camera2api enabled

It has excellent fast camera capabilities,Fast camera performance,Many photos can be taken at intervals in continuous shooting mode,Useful for creating fixed animations or timed videos

Create photos with different effects and another professional camera feature,Such as manual exposure lock,Manual ISO,White Balance,High-definition camera professional grid view,Gold scale grid, etc.,And use this professional camera and fast camera in HD to achieve the highest level of photography

The camera button function is described below:

*Burst camera mode with configurable delay,You can create a stop motion or create a timed video
*Face Detection/Facial Recognition
*Professional selection of front HD cameras。
*Professional camera HD features:Scene mode,Focus mode,Continuous shooting mode,Color effects,White balance and manual exposure locking,Manual ISO。
*Selection and 4k video quality and resolution。
* 4K camera recording (with optional recording),Such as professional camera HD
*Optional closing shutter sound。
* GUI changes direction without any pause in any direction。*Adjustable volume keys (image zoom to receive or change exposure compensation)。
*Excellent fast camera/blast camera HD performance
*Remote control (optional audio countdown) timer (with configurable delay) automatic repeat mode。
*Customizable volume keys,Can operate as fast as a dslr camera
*Digital SLR function adjusts shutter speed
*Manual focus like SLR camera
*SLR camera function selects manual ISO
*Manual exposure
*Remove with multi-touch gestures and single-touch。
*Choose to lock photos or 4k videos in portrait or landscape。
*4K video recording on support devices,Turn your phone into a 4k camera
*Live photo filters
*Photo Grid:4K Camera Line,Gold rationline
*Disable shutter sound/mute camera mode when taking photos or recording 4k video
*Optional GPS location tag (geotagging),Photos and videos;Photos included for compass orientation。
*Date and time stamp on the photo,Location coordinates and implementation of custom text。
*(Partial) external microphone support。
*Manual focus distance;Manual ISO
*Professional camera exposure lock
*RAW (DNG) file on front camera
*Manual ISO / iso manual or balance ISO only (set iso manual)
*Flash mode function
*Brightness/Exposure Settings
*Continuous camera mode can be used to create time lapses or stop actions that require interval stake
*Unlock your phone's camera feature,Record with 4k camera on supported devices

All full features are packaged in a compact size and a clean interface,
Download this professional camera HD,And start recording your 4k video

Attention :

If you use manual functions,You need to use Android 5.0 and later devices and the camera2 API enabled by your phone vendor。


Update the log:

Add'exit’ button
Remove a nod


Version description:(Balatan)

1、Unlock the paid feature

2、Remove ads


Download the address:

City pass:http://dl.2956588.xyz/dir/884953-31921178-041c57/


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