Android Secret Shooting Background Video Recorder v1.3.1.0 Paid Hanhua Special Edition

Background Video Recorder can help you secretly record videos in the background、And there's no sound prompt during recording.,There is no preview in the album to view。Recorded video or audio can only be viewed in the Background Video Recorder album。Love Green Soft


Description of the app:

Secret Shooting Background Video Recorder is an excellent camera app,It helps you to record background in the sound and camera preview options of enabling/disabling camera shutter。Background Video Recorder supports continuous recording、You can record backstage while you're on your screen,You can also book a video,This is an easy-to-use one-click multi-Chinese video recorder shortcut/part and support。

+ Select "All permissions allowed" on Android 6.0

Ask:When the video file size reaches 4GB (about 30 minutes) why does the recording stop?

For:By default,Android systems will stop recording when the file size reaches 4GB or the duration is 30 minutes。You can try it by enabling limit time and repeat recording。You should set a maximum time of less than 30 minutes (the best option is when the duration on the video device,Video file up to 4GB),To avoid crashing files。Or,If you are saving files on an SD card,You should format the SD card is exFAT's,Instead of AN app such as FAT, it can record video for a long time (30 minutes more)。

[Key features]
+ While recording video in the background,Other features you use on your phone。
+ Support for many Chinese words (English,Czech,French,Brazilian Portuguese,Italian,Swedish,German,Spanish,Russian,Jane China,Arabic,Turkish,Dutch,Polish)
+After trimming the video,You record it.
+Enable/disable preview views
+Turn shutter sound on/off
+Support for "night mode"
+Support for automatic white balance with multiple advanced option balances
+Arrange your camera to record videos at a specific time
+Support plug-in icon changes
+Support for front and rear cameras
+Easy storage location options
+Unlimited video duration。Easily set the duration you want to record
+Low storage devices when auto-stop recording is supported
+Multi-video resolution (HD-720P),Full HD 1080P,480P …)
+Security and coding applications
+Beautiful material design GUI


Update the log:

+ Update languages and fix grammar


Version description:(Balatan)

1、PRO function unlock

2、Deactivating analytics

3、Go to the ad.


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