Genealogy Maker My Family Tree v8.9.5.0 Chinese Simplified Free Special Edition

My Family Tree is a genealogy-making godon on the windows platform,Now love green soft for everyone to bring the genealogy production god My Family Tree Chinese Simplified free special edition has been updated to v8.9.5.0

Genealogy Maker My Family Tree is a software that specializes in family genealogy,This software has a Hanhua language pack,Support for Chinese simplified。The interface of my Family Tree, the genealogy-making god, is very intuitive、and can make beautiful genealogy.,It's simple and straightforward.,Glance。

Description of the app:

What is my genealogy?
My Genealogy A Genealogy App。It's been carefully designed.,You can quickly create genealogy with a simple and intuitive interface。For those who are just beginning to investigate their family history,,It provides an easy way to visualize and share your genealogy,Including everyone's photos.,Stories and basic facts。More experienced genealogists will fully support citations and evidence and options for transferring data using The GEDCOM file format。

Family Chart
Build an interactive series of charts,Full support for multi-touch panning and zooming。Use the novel date perspective to view charts that are different points in your history。
Open standards
Highly compatible with GEDCOM, Support for import and export and full support for ANSEL text encoding。
My family tree has been translated into more than 20 languages,And provide more spell checking support。
Generate more than 20 types of customizable Web reports from home groups to personal schedules。
Data grid
Bulk editing data with an advanced filtering grid 。Use Pinyin to "sound like" match search。
Full support for accessibility,Includes high DPI display,Scaling,High-contrast themes,Color filters,Screen reader,Keyboard navigation and OpenDyslexic fonts。
Scan documents and photos directly into your family tree。View directly from My Family History,Mark and print multimedia files。
My Family Tree makes it easy for you to record the sources and citations of all the information stored in your family tree。
Print a tree as a large multi-page plan or save it as an image or pdf file。


Update the log:

Fixed issue the running the application on low DPI systems.


Instructions for use:

1、Install the main program myfamilytree first

2、Then install the language packmyfamilytree_languagepack


Download the address:


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