Android real-time color picker Pixolor v1.3.5 to advertise cracked edition

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Pixolor is a real-time color picker on the Android platform,You can pick up any color on the page。Love Green Soft brings real-time color picker Pixolor to ad crack version v1.3.5

After running the Pixolor,Give the necessary permissions,Pick up any color you want to know on any page of Android,And it's all pixel-level.。

Application Instructions:

Pixolor is a suspended application.,View a magnified image of pixels on the interface,A circle that includes color information and the coordinates of the central pixel。

If you like the app,Please consider supporting us by purchasing the "Delete Ads" feature。

Quick FAQs:If you want to copy the code to the Clipboard,Please use the share button in the notification。Or,Click Just circle Overlay (bottom left or upper right corner) outside。

This app is primarily for the designer to know the pixel level information of the technology。This is also useful for people who want to easily amplify parts of the screen with poor eyesight (for example,To make it easier to read text)。

Requires Android Lollipop (5.0) or higher。

Attention:For Xiaomi (MIUI) equipment,Enable system settings for your application,Override Permissions。


★ Know the color code (RGB) or coordinates (DIP) on the screen of any pixel
★ Know the size of any area of the screen (DIP package) – Before you release the circle,,You'll see dragging X. / Y distance
★ Know the focus color of the most recent material design color
★ Study pixel Arrangement
★ Share screenshots or circular images to another application (for example,Send by email) – Press and Tap thumbnails
★ Zoom in on hard-to-read text。Very convenient,For those who are not so perfect for vision,
★ from generating the latest screenshot or the latest circular zoom palette
★ Share the cropping area of the screen – Focus overlay on one corner,Then drag the overlay to the opposite corner。You will see a thumbnail dragging the area on the home screen。Long press to share the image!

Other features:

★ Double Finger Scaling
★ Fine selection with two fingers (since then,Free finger release)
★ Dig the outer ring (bottom left or top right) to copy the color RGB to the Clipboard
★ Quickly set tiles to ON/off
★ Tone Wheel Color Picker
★ Notifications let you:Hide/Display Overlay;Exit the Application;Share the latest color code with other applications

Please note that:The app shows ads after the original no-ad period。You have to do a small disposable in-app payment,To disable the AD option。Thank you for your support。


★pixolor accepts a screenshot,Every time you put a circle on your finger。This is represented by a brief appearance of the status bar icon of Chromecast。When the Chromecast icon is not visible,You can be sure that no app is reading the screen。
★ The obtained screenshot data will not be sent (in whole or in part) from your device or provided outside the application。The only exception is when you explicitly share the image (thumbnail long press),In this case,It will be shared the way you requested it.。

The following are known devices that are not supported by the list (they cannot capture screen content properly):
*Any device running a lollipop (5.0)
* Cm_micromax Canvas A104 (HOL-U19) userdebug 5.1.1 LMY48W
*Huawei P8 (GRA-L09) (5.0)
*Samsung Galaxy S3 (M0) (5.1)
*Samsung Galaxy S2 (CM 12.1) (5.1.1)


Update log:

QS Tile Improvements
Bug fixes


Release description:

Direct installation can be used



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