VLC for Android v3.2.0 [Beta-1]

VLC for Android is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player.。Now love greensoftilvruan.com brings VLC for Android to everyone has been updated.v3.2.0. [Beta-1]

The VLC media player can play most multimedia files as well as discs.,Device and network streaming media protocols.。VLC for Android is a complete audio player.,A complete database.,Equalizer and filter.,Play all weird audio formats.。

Description of the app:

VLC Media Player is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that can play most multimedia files as well as discs.,Device and network streaming media protocols.。

This is the port from the VLC media player ™ and the android platform.。 VLC for Android can play any video and audio file.,and network streams.,Network sharing and drives and DVDs of ISO files.,Such as the desktop version of the VLC.。

VLC for Android is a complete audio player.,A complete database.,Equalizer and filter.,Play all weird audio formats.。

VLC works for everyone.,It's completely free.,No ads.,Not within the application.,Buy,No spies.,Developed by enthusiastic volunteers.。All source code is provided free of charge.。

VLC plays most of ™ video and audio files for Android.,and network streaming (including adaptive streaming),DVD ISO file.,Like the desktop version of VLC.。It also supports disk shares.。

All formats are supported.,Including MKV,MP4,Avi,MOV,OGG,Flac,Ts,M2TS,West Virginia and AAC.。All codec inclusions are not downloaded separately.。It supports subtitles.,Picture TV and subtitles.。

VLC Android version of the audio and video file media library.,and allows you to browse folders directly.。

VLC has multiple track audio and subtitle support.。It supports automatic rotation.,Aspect ratio adjustments and gestures to control the volume.,brightness and pursuit.。

It also includes audio control controls.,Audio headset control is supported.,Cover cover and complete audio media library.。

VLC for Android requires access to these categories.:
"Photos/Media/Files" read all your media files.:)
"Store" reads all media files on the SD card.:)
"Other" to check your network connection.,Change the volume,Set the ringtone.,Android TV runs.,Displays a pop-up view.,See below for details.。

The details of the permission.:
It needs to "read the contents of USB storage",In the command to read its media file.。
It requires "modifying or deleting the content stored by your USB",In order to make files and store captions missing.。

It requires "full network access",Turn on the network and Internet stream.。
It needs to "prevent the phone from going into hibernation",to prevent from being taken from.…Sleep on your phone while watching the video.。
It needs to "change your audio settings",to change the volume.。
It requires "modifying system settings",To allow you to change the audio ringtone.。
It needs to monitor whether the device is connected or not.,Hide the streaming part "View network connectivity"。
It requires "on top of other apps" to launch the pop-up menu.。
It requires "control vibration" to give the control feedback on.。
It requires the "Run on Start" setting as recommended on the Android TV transmitter screen.,Only with Android TV.。


Update the log:

– Video.: Fix subtitles lost on multitasking.
– Fix media loading. & page refresh., it can sometimess fail.
– Misc. crash fixes.


Version description:

ARM is available in this app. 、ARM64.、X86 Please download the version according to your phone CPU.

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Download the address:


https://pan.baidu.com/s/1TuM5iXJiSEJgA0I9_pbIVw extract code.:b9yq.


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