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Shadow PRO VivaVideo PRO is a super-good video production app on Android。Now love green soft for everyone to bring video clips small shadow PRO VivaVideo PRO paid unlock version has been updated tov6.0.3

Shadow PRO has super movie clips、Rich animation maps、Exclusive beauty shooting,Is one of the most powerful movie clips and slideshows,Can help you quickly make fun、Interesting、Creative and exciting movies。

Description of the app:

Shadow PRO:

Small Shadow PRO has a super"film clip" , rich "animated map" , and exclusive "beauty shooting" function,Is one of the most powerful movie clips and slideshows,Can help you quickly make fun、Interesting、Creative and exciting movies。

For different clip needs,Shadow PRO offers a wide range of features to choose from,Include split and combined fragments、Rewind、Variable speed, etc.。Whether it's VLOGer、Filmmakers、Youtuber、Artistic Director,or other professional editing personnel,You can easily use small shadow PRO to complete distinctive editing。

Use Small Shadow PRO,You can make your story into a movie with ease.,and share it with family and friends.;
Use small shadow pro,You can turn every wonderful moment in your life into a work of art.,Let the world discover your wonderful!

Shadow Pro has the following features:
1. Output watermarkless movies
2. No ads
3. Output 720P HD movies
4. Free use of limited-edition material
5. Making a movie without a time limit

It's fun.、Simple、Quick DIY your short film

Small Shadow PRO Feature Highlights

1.Powerful God Clips
– Easy-to-use professional editing tools
– Split and combine clips,Adjust ingorder the lens,Realize the montage、God Clips Effects
– Choose from a wide range of fine materials,Like an animated map、Theme、Filter、Effects、Subtitles、Transfer, etc.
– All clip effects can be displayed in the editor in real time,WYSIWYG

2."Diverse Lenses"
-Support for multiple lens modes:Normal Lens/Selfie Lens/Funny Lens/Music Lens/Collage Lens
-Exclusive selfie shot,Whitening、Abao-se、Pink、Sunlight、Several beauty filter effects, such as Japanese
-Play around with nine weird shots,Make the most of your spoof talents.

4.Free Materials
– More than 200 footage available for one click,Include animation maps、Theme、Filter、Effects、Subtitles、Transfer, etc.

5.Collage Lens
-Provide cool shooting,Super-many model selection,Realize a super one-person split two-corner effect

6.Photo Slideshow
– Fast、Photos that are transferred directly into a local album;
– Add an MV theme with one click,Romance now、Beautiful slide effects;
– Built-in sound、Local music one-click addition;

– Quickly store movies in an album/media library;
– Upload a video to Facebook, Line, Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, Vine, Social networks such as Email


A few simple steps,Make the work a big movie in seconds
Frame-by-frame trim、Mixed scissors、Lens Segmentation、Variable speed、Rewind

Easy stitching small videos,Make your micro-movies
Subtitles、Soundtrack、Transition、Filter、Theme、Dynamic Stickers


Update the log:

V6.0.3 PRO Updates:
1. Numerous feature updates
2. All bug fixes


Version description:

Shadow PRO(Balatan)

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2、Unlock PRO Premium


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