Android Music Player JetAudio HD Music Player Plus v10.2.0 Green Special Unlock Ed

JetAudio HD Music Player Plus is a support on Android 10 Band graphic equalizer and MP3 music player with a variety of sound settings。Now love green soft for everyone to bring The Android music player jetAudio HD Music Player Plus green special unlock edit has been updated tov10.2.0

JetAudio HD Music Player Plus supports the following sound plug-in Crystalizer、AM3D Audio Enhancer、Bongiovi DPS 。Love Green Soft

Description of the app:

jetAudio is a support 10 Band graphic equalizer and MP3 music player with a variety of sound settings。

— Sound plug-ins —
* Crystalizer
* AM3D Audio Enhancer ({http://www.})
* Bongiovi DPS ({http://www.})
(Sound plug-ins can be purchased in-app。)
(Some plug-ins are available only for the jetAudio plus version)

jetAudio in {CNET.COM} Media player with the highest ratings and most downloads。Right now,You can also install jetAudio on your Android device to listen to high-quality music。

Support for numerous audio format files (Such as:.Wav,.mp3,.ogg,.Flac,.m4a,.Mpc,.tta,.wv,.ape,.mod,.Spx,.opus,.wma? more...),By setting a variety of sound effects and enhancements(Such as:Wide,Reverberation,X-Bass)Get high-quality sound playback。

32 Equalizer presets give you a great listening experience。
For music enthusiasts,Can be customized 10/20 Band graphic equalizer and other advanced playback features,Includes Play Speed Control, Cross decay,More settings such as AGC。

Free version(In addition to advertising and certain feature restrictions)Features are exactly the same as the s/s version features。
All features of jetAudio if you want to use,Please purchase the jetAudio plus version。

— jetAudio plus version provides features —
* 20Band Graphic Equalizer
* Tag Editor (Support for editing:MP3,Flac,OGG,M4A format)
* Show label lyrics (Simultaneous display of lyrics is not supported)
* 2 Lock screen
* 14 App widgets:4×1 (#2),4×2 (#3),4×3 (#3),4×4 (#3),3×3,2×2,2×3
* Adjusting the treble
* Precise playback speed control (50% ~ 200%)
* Browser Theme Light Grey/White (Only version)
* Artist/Song/Folder/Genre browser supports grid mode
* Adjust Fast Forward/Rewind Interval
* Notification bar extension (Jb)
* MIDI Play (Use jetAudio WaveTable MIDI Synthesizer Engine)

— Free Edition / S.S. Features —
* 3 list mode or 10 Grid mode Layout style to choose from
(Free Edition,Only optional Album Browser Layout Style)
* Search on YouTube
* {} (Need to install the official {} Application)
* X-Wide,Reverberation,X-Bass Sound
* Agc (Automatic gain control) Avoid volume changes when switching songs
* 50%-200% speed control (Adjusting the treble)
* Cross decay,Seamless playback
* Fade in/Fade Out
* Repeat A<->B
* Support by Artist,Album,Songs,Playlists,Genres and folders Browse and play songs
* Balance/Volume Control
* Sleep timer (Maximum support settings for 24 hours)
* Swipe up to post the song you're listening to on Facebook/Twitter
* Swipe down to show playlists in progress
* Left/Right Swipe to Switch Next/Previous Song
* Lock screen
* Headset button control (Bluetooth headset)
– Pause/Play
– Double/Triple Hit to Play Next/Previous
– Long press mute or TTS (Time,Song Name)
* Bluetooth headset button control
* Via Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 Send song messages
* Multi-select function (Delete/Add to Playlist)
* The screen is always on,Lock Direction Options
* Shake device Play Next/Previous Song
* Support for audio formats:
MP3,Wav,OGG,Flac,M4A,Mpc,TTA,WV,APE,MOD (Module format S3M,IT),Spx,OPUS,AIFF
(Some devices may not support WMA format。Whether support depends on your device!)


Update the log:

– Visualization Mores
– Download from network shared folders
– Improved Network Access
– Improved sorting for international characters and numbers
– Bug fixes


Version description:

1、All ads have been removed

2、Google Market version,Unlock all sound plug-ins。


Download the address:



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